Huge stat variance?

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User Info: Cervosi

3 years ago#1
So I was farming for Lumberwoods, deciding to just tame whatever I happened to impress while looking for a double sign/planet one.

I ended up with a few Single Star Lumberwoods. However, I noticed their stats were wildly different.

They were both level 1, single star. However, one only had 32 defense and the other had 72.

I don't plan on using it because I got my double star one which has even better defense but I figured double signs, planets and double planets have better stats anyways. But still, this huge difference in identical signed familiars confused me.

User Info: PS2Gamer

3 years ago#2
Bump for you...
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User Info: Krazoa2

3 years ago#3
This is just my guess, but I think as you level them both up the one with the lower defense will get more stat boosts eventually bringing it closer to the one with the initially higher defense. Even aside from their signs, familiars still have differing stats and I think get differing stat gains per level. I'm not entirely sure on the stat gain thing though, as I'm only sure that works for different familiars. I'm sure you can test it quickly with some Toko battles if you wanted.
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User Info: Aerius

3 years ago#4
Have you tried reading:

Can't guarantee the answer is in there.. but that's the biggest discussion on stat growth.
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User Info: Exentryk

3 years ago#5
Every familiar has two Growth Values. First one ranges from 0-31 and second from 0-61. It is possible to get any combination of that value for your familiar, and it will dictate their stat growth. This is for a familiar with the same everything. Different signs have different stat bonuses and penalties.
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