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User Info: fatih361

3 years ago#1
Now any bonus dungeons or Secret Bosses?

User Info: Cervosi

3 years ago#2
You have The Conductor quest, which has you going back to all of the major bossfight locations to fight buffed up versions of them minus Shadar and the White Queen, but including Shadar's Familiar and the Zodiarchy

The first batch are actually really easy since you have access to a full, varied party and All out Defense/Attack which you didn't when you first fought them.

To start this quest you'll have to have done all of the journal retrieval quests up to the end of the game. The man will be back at Ding Dong Dell who has left his journal in the location where the Conductor is.

User Info: fatih361

3 years ago#3
Aright. But nah, there is no Secret dungeon like in DQ VIII.

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