devs playing favorites?

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User Info: neoturnip

3 years ago#1
deliberately making familiars have very large gaps in terms of stats, thought they would have this game balanced by now..
price to pay for no multiplayer aspect?
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User Info: nerotozero

3 years ago#2
I'm not sure I'm understanding your argument. There are 300 familars. It would be a shame if they all had similar stats. Half the challenge is catching the A list familars and building them.

User Info: Aerius

3 years ago#3
Frankly I think the familiars are closer to each other than most people given them credit for. Sure there are a couple overpowered ones (Dino in particular), but 90% of them are pretty similar.

Don't be misled by stats alone, you have to factor in what they can equip as well. Something that looks weak may be able to equip a strong weapon, and something that looks like it has no defense may be able to equip multiple defensive items.

I mean, I think the game can be beat with basically any familiar combination. Most will have trouble identifying the 'worst' familiars just because there is usually a redeeming quality that lets them work.
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