How is this game compared to the DC version?

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User Info: Malek86

6 years ago#11
Ok, it does work... kinda. The game slows to a crawl during the text intros. Still, after that, it plays normally. Not exactly the best situation though... wonder if they do still have that MDK2 HD version planned?

Anyway, yeah, the music is full size in the PC version. Guess they had to cut them down to fit the game on the 40MB Wiiware limit.

User Info: TrentO_NWN

6 years ago#12
We had to cut both the number and the length of the music to fit the 40mb limit. We only hope Jesper can forgive us. The HD version is well under way and we've recently added the original Art Director, Russ Rice to our efforts.

User Info: audapo

6 years ago#13
It's too bad the memory limit is so small. Some textures and effects do take a noticeable hit.

However, it's plays leagues better than it did on DC, which is a sacrifice I'm more than willing to make. Having this game run at 60 fps really does make a difference. The multiple difficulties make it much more bearable, too.

User Info: Malek86

6 years ago#14
Thanks for the answer. I thought it was something like that. Hopefully Nintendo won't repeat the same mistake with their next console, way too many games on Wiiware suffered in the audio department due to the size limit.

User Info: J_K_GUNS

6 years ago#15
Are all the cutscenes in this version?
Are the camera codes there?
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User Info: lizard81288

6 years ago#16
have not played any other version, but i have the wiiware one &:

the motion controls are great (which give me motion aiming over thumbstick anyday) but the controls are odd, B should be to shoot, but it is to jump. turning the camera is a bit picky, since, if you don't have the target lined up to your guy, it will turn. i would have like if i reach the sides of the screen to turn, rather than i tilt it to the left and it turns.

the graphics are bad & it looks like it came from '95, but in action, it looks better.

the sound is extremely low quality.

but the game is pretty fun. one of the best wiiware games out there
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User Info: silenthillish

6 years ago#17
the missing shadows caught me off guard- but i just played the DC version a few weeks ago- and this version looks more colorful & less blurry. The textures aren't as sharp- about like the PS2 version. You also don't get the cool 'matrix camera' when you pause the game...

LOVE the Wii controls (and quicksaving!)- and can't wait for MDK2 HD. It'll be the 5th time i've bought the game...

gimme MDK3!!
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User Info: AntiSocial

6 years ago#18
I just noticed that the game doesn't use rumble at all. No vibrations when shooting the gun. It isn't that big of a deal considering it took me almost two weeks to notice it was even missing, I just wonder why they'd leave something so standard out.
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User Info: FilthyScum

6 years ago#19
I've come to realize that many game developers don't actually play games. That explains stupid control schemes (like this game) and excruciating difficulties (like the original Dreamcast version). You'd figure that rumble would be a no-brainer.

Speaking of which, I like this game, but some of the level design is just awful, like, for example, basically every platforming section when you play as the doctor. I'm glad they at least put in save states!

User Info: sarevokmb

6 years ago#20
This version is a lot easier than the DC version. Or maybe I just really sucked back then. IDK. I'm on the third stage, and I haven't died yet. The controls with the Wii remote are great though.
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