advise on how to beat the Kaftar.

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  3. advise on how to beat the Kaftar.

User Info: Quick305

7 years ago#1

I got to the Kaftar hunt level last weekend and spent about 2hrs on it. I can not figure out how to get past it. The best I can do is take 1/4 of his health away before I die. I have tried all of my weapons and the hunter sence just slows things down too much to hit him. I am looking for advise from anyone who has beaten this level. Am I missing something?

User Info: henson71

7 years ago#2
I just completed it on Wii, but am sure they are similar. It took me several hours to figure out that you have to let that beast get a hold of your arm, his heart will illuminate, then fire. I found the best place to stand was on one of the round rugs, that way you are out of the fire and I only left to get one health pak at a time, then went right back to the rug. It takes a lot of rounds of ammo, I ran out of everything, even after getting all ammo in the room, and had to kill him with the crossbow. It takes time, and lots of patience, and lots of hitting him to finally bring him down. Good luck!!

User Info: njeschien

7 years ago#3
Go back through the cave level, you can collect the ammo for all the guns. I used the high powered rifle to beat kaftar, but in the caves I got 120 rounds of ammo, so collect. When you are fighting him, use the high power rifle and stay on the carpet. stand face to face with him so he bites your arm, shoot him in the heart, every time you shoot him in the heart you will fill your health back up. after he lets go of your arm immediately put on hunter sense, he pauses for a sec, shoot him two more times while he is paused, seems easier to track him when you I did hunter sense on this way. Pretty much repeat the process till he dies, I had left over ammo but did need to get some health packs.

User Info: Orcahi_Iori

7 years ago#4
I used about 20 shotgun ammo and 50 heavy rifle ammo before I took down that beast, he will be valunable for a heart shot when he is biting ur arm or leg
You don't have to fear me but you will respect me. Remnant of the Past

User Info: PlayingMantis37

7 years ago#5
I got him on the first try (barely). Just run around collecting health packs as you need them and trying to sidestep the kaftar when it charges (like the grizzly fight). He got a hold of me a couple times and I shot him off. Once his health gets low enough he'll leap at you and you'll have to do the x-ray heartshot (like every other boss).

I was using the controller, not the Top Shot Elite.
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  3. advise on how to beat the Kaftar.

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