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User Info: FNHot

7 years ago#1
The sheer fact I played this game to the end shows I have too much time on my hands. That aside.

Is it fun? ... to a degree, yes. Let me point out what's good about it.

- Pick-ups, load-ups, and each car having a special "rage" move. very neat.

What sucks about it.

- (im a zombie nerd, so this crap pisses me off ) zombies DONT RUN ... F'n 28 days later ruined zombies (good film though). There also arent "Hunters" "Boomers" and "Tanks" ... all 3 appear in this game. Left 4 Dead is fun, I get it, I've also played it, and own it. Between the 6 other cars shooting at you, the terrible steering (which leaves ONLY Superstar as a viable option) and the facts zombies can damage your car, the last thing you need is hunters landing on your car clawing it until it explodes, tanks 1-shoting, and boomers throwing vomit that melts your car in 2 hits.

The load times are HILARIOUS. It has a "loading" screen before you even get to start. I kid you not, it needs time to load all the company logo vid's that all games have at the beginning. The game itself once you get through picking your character, takes WEEKS to load. It's insane. I thought my xbox froze the first time i put it in. but i let it chug cuz the Xbox button still responded. It's just REALLY SLOW.

on top of that, if all contestants and side by side, or near each other on the map, prepare for SEVER, car destroying frame rate drops. You cant steer when the frame rate drops, you almost always plow into something and explode.

OVER ALL: neat game, BARELY worth a rent if you're bored and wanna blow a few bucks. It's a neat concept, and tries to breath life into the twisted metal-type franchise. It has potential. If they make another, I'd play and hopefully they'd do the following

- take out checkpoint races. I play to kill zombies and cars, not race.
- add a few TRACKS, not just arenas. Making me drive through downtown los vegas blowing stuff up, hitting jumps, and killing zombies along the way would be insane fun.
- add story lines for the characters. Intro movies at the very least.
- take a page from carmageddon, make the objective optional. GET TO THE FINISH LINE! ... or kill the other cars ... or kill people ...
- improve loading times .... it's comical how long it takes.
- improve steering. In fact, make all the cars steer like superstar, their other attributes make them unique enough, no need to make it frustrating to simply DRIVE. (an upgrade system even)
- difficulty settings would be nice.

Hope this helps some of you that arent sure what to make of it. It's got a neat feel to it, but it feels poorly thought out. The details make or break a game like this.

User Info: Flobba

7 years ago#2
I feel there are a few things wrong with that review...

The load times weren't the quickest no, but no load screen took more then about 15 seconds for me. I've played games much worse.

Zombies aren't supposed to run? Er... Dude? Zombies have never actually happened in real life, because of that, people can make the undead however they like, if they want to make them quick or slow, they can do either, hell, if they want to make them skip they can. There is no rule saying anywhere, nor proof, that zombies can only walk slowly.

Steering, well, so far, I've not really seen a problem with it, yes, some characters are more sluggish at steering then others, but this is no different to any game with 'steering' type stats.

User Info: Flobba

7 years ago#3
Oh, and the frame rates, yes, I notices a small drop now and then when a lot is going on, but not that much, not much at all, and no, I don't have the game installed.

User Info: destinyDemon

7 years ago#4

and his review as well as many gamespot do are why people shouldnt go on a reviewers opinion because we all have diffrent tastes and feel diffrent about games

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