Balance Issues?

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User Info: Archminion

6 years ago#1
Anyone find any serious balance issues between the different cars?
Single or Multi Player?

I could see it being an issue with some characters since Bedlam appears to be very weak and Reggie has a very hard to hit weapon.

Also Natalya seems like she'd have problems since her special is a stealth cloak which won't do damage in its self but looks designed to be combined with a ram attack.

Still that seems pretty bad when you consider some special's look very powerful and this special does no damage at all...?

Did anyone manage to overcome these problems?

If you could do a tier list of best to worst what order would you put the cars in?
Overall including their stats and special NOT just special.

For a reference point did anyone find it more unbalanced than WWE Crush Hour?

(which I thought was pretty damn all over the place for a car combat game)

User Info: Kung_Fu_Fighter

6 years ago#2
I think the drivers are mostly balanced. Some cars obviously excel at different rounds. Slow cars have issues with checkpoint races, but can easily dominate the car wreck rounds.

Natalya has the strongest car in the game.
Pick a loadout with the engine upgrade and impact increase and she's even more powerful.
You can just ram the other cars and win. You don't even need to use weapons when destroying other cars.
She doesn't need a high damage special at all.
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