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User Info: krammaii

6 years ago#1
Gamestop Canada had a 1 day fire sale where this was $4.89. I was hyped to get Blood Drive at such a good price as I was initially only holding off for it to drop to anywhere around $19.99.

Long story short: I am elated I only paid $5 for this $50 demo.

The first shock was that the Blood Drive DVD was ripping so quickly to my 360's hard drive. Turns out that this is because the game is only 1.7 gigs. It needs to be said; there are XBLA games that are larger than Blood Drive and at a fraction of the MSRP.

Alas, size doesn't necessarily matter, I admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the gameplay, mostly due to the blinding Twisted Metal nostalgia glasses I was wearing. Unfortunately, after approximately 10 minutes of playing I realized that I had seen literally everything that the game had to offer.

The small scope (6 small, terribly designed arenas, 3 types of events and 8 characters) of Blood Drive and technical issues (regular slow down, very close draw in, low res textures) pretty much kills long term enjoyment. Don't even get me started on how blatantly the A.I. downright cheats to win on the later Cups. It is to the point that the some of the Checkpoint Races verge on impossible...

I honestly believe Blood Drive was suppose to be an Xbox Live Arcade title but Activision thought zombies were hot enough to charge nearly a retail price for it. Don't fall for it.
Xbox - krammaii
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