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User Info: daveku27

5 years ago#1

So this is my first Yakuza game and I am really enjoying it so far. My question though is how do I find all these substories that I keep running in to? I have no idea how to read that map and no idea where anything is except the missions which show up with the pink marker. Is there a site that has a better map (one that maybe shows where the substories are)? Thanks for any help or advice in advance. I really like this game but I feel like I am missing out on a lot by not doing these substories.

User Info: barticle

5 years ago#2
there's a new feature for this game where the substory trigger locations will actually be shown on your map - look for the little "(?)" icons that start appearing during Part I Chapter 3.

there are full text walkthroughs for all substories in Seiyou's guide on this site. (the titles there are translations of the original Japanese ones so you can use the tables in Section 11 of my trophies guide to cross-reference)

PS if you're desperate for maps there are individual ones for each substory on the Japanese YDS wiki.

User Info: daveku27

5 years ago#3

Thank you for the reply and what seems to be a great wealth of information. Im not trying to be a jerk at all cuz I do appreciate the help but those maps were in Japanese and I wasnt really sure how to find that walkthrough you were talking about. Can those maps be found in English anywhere or can they be translated? Sorry again for being a pain, and thanks again for the help!!

User Info: TheZenNinja

5 years ago#4
copy the url into the google search bar, click enter and when it shows up on the search results page, click translate page

User Info: barticle

5 years ago#5
wasn't sure which site you were using - this GameFAQs forum is mirrored on Gamespot, or is it the other way round?! both sites host the same user-generated content - you can find the English text guides I mentioned here:

I don't know of any English maps, sorry, but the locations would be the same in the US/Euro edition. each of those four character webpages has a table at the top listing all fifteen substories for them. the second column shows the chapters in which they become available. so if you pick substories from your current character/chapter it'll show you the key locations for that mission (labelled sequentially with English letters, A, B, C...).

you should be able to use that without any translation. if you wanted to try translations I'd recommend using the Google Chrome web browser which offers to auto-translate foreign languages, although it's far from perfect.

really though, the English text guide should be all you need. the maps are just a bonus.

User Info: daveku27

5 years ago#6

Thanks you soooooo much!

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