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User Info: The Chow

The Chow
6 years ago#1
This is taken from my own comment in another topic here, but it seems that the topic is dead, or the comment just isn't seen because the topic title doesn't specifically point out what I talked about.

Look at the 30:30 mark in the video. The game selection screen for this collection showed that Giorgio de Chirico-style ICO cover side-by-side with an interpretation of SotC using that style. In addition, switching between the games does this panning motion with what appears to be a very detailed amount of art between these two covers. They showed a NICO rider looking at the big bridge, then the big Shrine in SotC, then what appeared to be the final colossus, then a lot of water, then the regular ICO cover with the windmill. The guys in the video also point this out.

So I guess they're trying to say that the ICO castle is somewhere south of the map in SotC, which works out with the location of the alleged ICO beach in SotC.
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User Info: HungryDog

6 years ago#2
Now that, for a lack of a better word is dam sexy!

Didn't expect to see the SotC screen potion match the style of the original ICO art, beautiful!

User Info: SuperSocrates

6 years ago#3
Do you know what that song that plays on ICO at the game selection screen is? I rather like it.
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User Info: Giggins

6 years ago#4
The song is "You Were There".

That's a really beautiful selection screen! I think the artwork for SotC is totally new, though I'm curious why the rider has ICO-style horns. Maybe it's in fact a really early beta artwork.

TC, your assumption about the relation between the games' locations might actually be right. SotC's map clearly shows that the game area is the southern tip of a landmass, while paying attention to the sun's movement in ICO shows that the castle forms the northern tip of a landmass.

User Info: RocketJess

6 years ago#5
The Chirico-style SotC artwork was originally for NICO - the early ICO sequel / proto-SotC which they made a short demo video for. There was some sort of bonus disc with the video on it, and that was the cover. I was actually hoping they'd use it on the cover of the collection, and was a bit disappointed when they used the normal cover art instead, but it's nice to know it will be getting used after all.
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User Info: Mookiethebold

6 years ago#6
lol, he got killed by the first colossus. Twice!
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User Info: Purple_Kitten

6 years ago#7
link is not working for me:(
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User Info: _Shuyin_

6 years ago#8
I believe you could see the Queen's Castle from the main bridge in SotC. If you look hard enough on the internet, you could probably find the pictures of it. It's kinda foggy because its the "Castle in the Mist", but you can tell its the same castle. And, like TC said, the beach at the end of Ico can be found in SotC.

Also, I remember hearing some debate about Agro's (the horse) gender - the creator seemingly visualizing Wander's horse as a female, but this video's tutorial refers to it as a male.
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User Info: The Chow

The Chow
6 years ago#9
From a technical standpoint, the "castle" that you can see from the main bridge should actually be a glitched mountain texture. I believe you're seeing several layers (for parallax purposes) stacked up from the side, which is why it looks manmade. They just forgot to make them invisible when viewed from that angle.

As for Agro's gender, you can sorta outright see in-game which gender the horse is. ;)
"I dreamt that I was a 'Genie-Firefighter'! I fought fires and granted wishes!"

User Info: mhayes86

6 years ago#10
That video made me even more excited for this collection, and the game selection screen with the song "You Were There" from Ico and the original art was gorgeous! It was also neat to see that the Ico save file still works for SotC, where Agro's white spot is in the form of the Ico "I".

I think I might actually do what the one guy said, print out a glossy photo of the EU/JP cover art for Ico and slip that into the case.

Also, early in the video they said they haven't played the games since they were first released, and you can really tell. That battle with the first colossus was just sad, haha.

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