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User Info: trachten

4 years ago#1
Haven't see much discussion of tactics for this game. I'm about 60% of the way through and this is working well for me.

Many of the levels so far have started with 1 x general (G), 2 x infantry (I), 2 x cavalry (C), and 2 x archer (A). C/A makes a good team because they can take down any C or A with no damage and they have good range of movement/attack. On the first turn I look for reachable rice paddies with soldier shrines. These are very defensible locations. Send each C/A team to one of these locations, on the first turn haunt two rice patties, on the second turn haunt the soldier shrine and another rice paddy. At then end of the second turn you have enough rice to summon an A where needed. Keep 200 rice in reserve to use when actually needed in an area the enemy concentrates on.

Try to end the turn with the C/A units on rice patties even if they are not damaged in case the enemy damages but doesn't kill them on it's turn.

Stay in these areas picking off the enemies as they approach. The goal is to eat three skulls with your A to create a demon A.

Leave the G meditating with two I guarding him. There is no point in continuing to meditate after 6 rounds (12 health). At that point even if the G is not under attack, wake him and go looking for 3 skulls to turn him into a demon (18 health, 3 x action).

At round 8 if you have been careful you should have 1 demon G and 2 demon A which should allow you to wipe out the rest of the enemy team without too much trouble.

User Info: ThermalStone

4 years ago#2
If you're going for Gold Skulls, the best way to get most of them, especially the skulls that involve not losing a unit or getting something to a demon, is to camp or turtle up in the beginning. Activate your general as soon as there is a skull for him to eat.

If you're going for time, take your five best units (usually General, 2 cavalry, and 2 archers), and rush the enemy general or the objective. Most maps I didn't even move my infantry.

I got to fourth place on the leaderboards with a time of 1:02. I beat all the maps in less that five minutes except Fujin Falls (5:30) and the last level (6:something). I have a few theories but I don't know how the top two guys got times of ten and twenty minutes total.

This is a fun little game but it seems to have slipped under the radar. Multiplayer is dead, but if anyone wants to boost the multiplayer acheivements, send me a message.GT: ThermalStone.

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