Idolm@ster 2 or Cross Edge

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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

6 years ago#1
I need some advice, I always play Cross Edge which is PS3 exclusive and I enjoyed it alot. I love JRPG's with cute characters.
But I also like Idolm@ster which is Xbox 360 exclusive because the characters are cute and their songs and dance are nice.
I'm thinking of selling my PS3 to buy an Xbox 360 and Idolm@ster 2. Should I trade my favorite JRPG with this game?

Any comment would be nice.
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User Info: cloudeu

6 years ago#2
X edge is not ps3 exclusive. It has a xbox360 port as well.

If you compare X edge to idolmaster, IMO, idolmaster has more replay value. (character-routes and DLCs)

If you like JRPG, keep your ps3, since PS3 has more potential for future JRPG release.
If you like cute girls, and have a decent level of japanese language knowledge (to be able to understand the plot), then idolmaster is for you.

I got myself a Xbox360 for Idolmaster (the first game), so my opinion might be biased.
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User Info: Krichul

6 years ago#3
x-edge is crap.

User Info: RenamonFOX

6 years ago#4
Cross edge is immensely convoluted, and laden with fanservice.

If you like numbers, synthesizing, assigning points, levelling up items, farming components, anime girls in swimsuits, and a story so contrived that you don't need subtitles to know what the characters are saying, then this game has your name written all over it. Barring that scathing comment, I did beat the game, and for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Idolmaster 2, however, is absolutely nothing like cross edge. One's a (sort of) JRPG, the other is a rhythm music game. You'll find it very hard to get someone who played (and liked) both to give you an unbiased opinion. They're both playable, and it sounds like you're eventually going to get both anyways, so pick the one you're in the mood for first.
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