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User Info: ChaoticGood

7 years ago#1
I noticed this game when browsing the RPG list, but have never heard of it... Seems this was not released in Europe, which sucks hard as it seems exactly the kind of game I'd want right now. Would anyone know if they are planning to put it out in Europe as well? I know there are tricks to get into US Live, but I'd rather not bother with them.

User Info: Styckles

7 years ago#2
I didn't know the Indie games could be region specific (if they indeed are, or maybe GF just only shows it as being released in the US only), as there are a few here on the US marketplace that are 100% Japanese. :(

I don't know of another way to get it.

Although, you could try here:

It looks exactly the same as it did for me on the en-US site (I live in the US so I just tried switching to the GB version of the site).

Try to see if the demo downloads for you and if so, yay! I liked the game a lot.

User Info: LunaticStudios

7 years ago#3
Unfortunately XBox Live Indie isn't as inclusive as XBox Live Arcade is. Aphelion is available through XBox Live Indie's Marketplace in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

You may be able to browse one of those Marketplaces by changing your locale settings on your 360, but can't really confirm that.

User Info: Jonnovision

6 years ago#4
speaking of the demo, is it possible to beat it with the demo only since you can save and load with the demo, as long as you're extremely fast
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User Info: flybyshooter

6 years ago#5
Why the heck would you want to do that??? It's only 3 dollars you bum, so buy it!!!
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User Info: NaveAdair

6 years ago#6
Jonnovision, I don't think that'd be possible anyway, otherwise the game would not have passed review (one of the rules is that the entire game shouldn't be accessible in the demo).
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