Confused about some of the stats, help?

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  3. Confused about some of the stats, help?

User Info: Cactrot

6 years ago#1
I just bought this game and haven't even played to the first boss yet, but I don't understand what some of the stats do, so building my characters is sort of a guessing game.

I'm the most confused about Ashley, though. Her weapons don't provide any STR at all, which I thought was the character's regular attack damage indicator. Does Ashley use Energy for regular attack damage? I know Energy is what you use for skills, but it's on all her weapons (so far) in increasing amounts, along with AGI, so I figure either one or the other reflects her "attack" damage capacity.

Here's my understanding of stats right now, please correct me if I'm wrong:

SH: basically a first layer of HP that protects your actual HP until it runs out
HP: your actual HP, you die when this is gone, duh
EN: points consumed when using skills; possibly also a measure of Ashley's "attack" command damage?

STR: a measure of melee "attack" command damage (or maybe all "attack" damage period?)
AGI: hit rate when attacking, probably; might relate to Evasion
INT: a measure of damage dealt/points restored/stats altered when using skills
Crit: likelihood of doing a critical hit when using the "attack" command for extra damage
Init: determines turn order and frequency

Armor: a measure of damage reduction when taking damage to HP
Deflect: a measure of damage reduction when taking damage to Shields
Evasion: frequency that you'll dodge an enemy attack

Basically I'm not so sure about how Ashley's attacks work and what the AGI, Armor, and Deflect stats do. Can anybody please help me out? Thanks!
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User Info: Jonnovision

6 years ago#2
i dont know much myself, but as for Ashley, im pretty sure her attacks are AGI based, with Shotguns as her main damage weapons, and rifles if you want her for more support-based roles.
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  3. Confused about some of the stats, help?

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