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User Info: KSMART800

7 years ago#1

Its safe to say, even with a day of playing Zone 4 in America (and more days on the Thailand Version) that it (Zone 4) is a solid, fun, yet lacking in content MMO fighting game. The bases of the game takes place in Zone 4, a fight district were gangs battle it out to own turf (Gang Wars, which is implemented into the game, unlike some games where the story is not). In the beginning of the game, there are 6 characters to select from, 3 different weight groups(which effect their attributes) and 2 classes that determine what fighting stylesyou can use. From here, you then continue on to the tutorial, which while gives you the basics controlsand techniques, does not let you so much test them (which is why there is an training zone). From here your career begans as a Zone 4 fighter. The game includes8 different fighting styles in total

For Rush Class: Hapkido, Pro Wrestling, Judo, and Sambo

For Street Class: Muay Thai, Capeoria, Boxing, and Taekwondo

The game also includes an Arcade Mode (similar to old style beat-em ups), Challenge Mode (such as the challenge mode in modern fighting games), and Deathmatch which is the standard pvp on Zone 4.

The gameplay is similar to Tekken, where moves are based on which direction you select. For example down + D (the attack button) may trip an opponent. The game also feature team related moves, where you and a partner may perform a tag team move on the chosen opponent. There are also 3 special moves that, 2 that are determined by your fighting style.

The gameplay is fairly good, however in large crowds the act of kill stealing becomes mucha problem. Also, one of the biggest downfalls is the lack of fighting styles and clothing (but then again clothing is always optional, but at times are used for stats). With only 8 fighting styles (6 only available in America currently, also there is a secert one called Dirty X), and the fact that you must purchase skills may be a turn off for veteran fighting gamers that may become interested in Zone 4. Nevertheless, this game like I said in the beginning is a solid, fun, yet lacking in content MMO fighing game.

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