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7 years ago#1
Zone 4 is a mmo fighting game with lots of features and can keep the player busy. In the begining of the game you dont get to create a character instead you choose from 3males/3females in different age groups. You get to choose what style you will be fighting a. The street class consist of, Tae kwon doe,boxing,muay that and others. The Rush class consist of, Pro wrestling, judo, hapkido. Now if you like the kicking and punching type street will be perfect for your choice. But if you like to grab your enemy and slam them face first rush is definately for you.

Next, the game is set in a fight district. You fight people for money (zen) and also you make a name for yourself. The controls for fighting are the basic asdf and qwe controls while using the arrows to move the character. The game features neat modes such as survival and team deathmatch. Also if you hate your teammates you can do 1v1 as well. Or team up with friends. The game plays in rock,paper,scissors fashion. There is a feature called survivor mode where it puts a team against team. But you arent fighting each other the game throws countless mobs at you to defeat. First one to defeat all the mobs win.

Also,Gang wars is a gvg this game has. It puts you and your guild against other guilds. It can be a 16v16 war. I can't wait to try that for myself looks fun.The only thing i dislike about the game is stealing kills. You can knock someones hp so low and they kill you off. then someone else can take the kill which is annoying.

The game is similiar to tekken as well. You can trip opponents and stuff. You job advance in the game at level 10. I wish it was 20 but 10 will do. There is also a arcade mode if you get tired of pvping as well.

Overall the game is fun and i think you will enjoy it. 8/10.

Check this game out at

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