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User Info: thikimo

7 years ago#1
Zone 4 is an easy going street fighting game that is set in an urban scene. You will start off with a base class, either street (hitting) or rush (grabbing) and a character (six total). These will be your foundation to kick-butt ownage. Being based on real-life martial arts, I think this game has merit and the makers have studied the moves well and have done great in translating that to graphics that resemble classic arcade graphics which is comparable to Street Fighter.

Game play is a bit rough at times, lag is a problem and can contribute to game losses. But with a good connection, it will get intense--the fun kind! Music is very up-beat but generic. The controls are easy and basic, sticking to the arcade aspect with direction arrows and atk/dodge/grab keys. Missions/quests mostly consist of collecting items or PVP arena accomplishments. PVP arena is customizable to different modes and the combinations are sufficient. There are places for PVE (Park, Hunting grounds, etc..) where you can beat bosses and collect items to customize your characters. Item drop rates are decent and qualities drops depend on where you hunt.

Overall this game is fun for everyday play and can be addicting & time consuming. I would recommend.

Heres where you can play!

-thikimo @OGP forums

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