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Server Unavailable?

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User Info: Gallieg444

6 years ago#1
I keep getting this message....quite frankly I am not happy...I want to get a good look at this game to decide whether to purchase it or not...

User Info: FatTony36

6 years ago#2
The Beta runs on a schedule - not 24/7. The Beta forum has some talk about the Beta events, but I don't see anything updated at the moment. Not sure when the next test will be. Maybe this weekend with any luck.

User Info: FatTony36

6 years ago#3
Here's a bit of new information from the forum:

This week's Beta test will open at NOON on Friday, March 4th! (pacific time)


The Darkspore Beta servers are being upgraded this weekend! Players worldwide should see better ping times and more responsive gameplay. As part of the server upgrades, all Beta accounts will be reset (including Friends lists), and a new patch will be available. The patch includes many bug fixes and, based on Beta player feedback, new PvP tuning.

If you’ve played in the Beta before, you can press Ctrl-X to skip the opening movie and get right to gameplay.

(Note: Like most online game betas, Darkspore Beta accounts will be not be carried over to the final game)

User Info: Taevion0

6 years ago#4
i second what tony said, badabing
skeet skeet on your teet teet, it's l33t l33t

User Info: Arthas972

6 years ago#5
My thing said it'd be available at noon on Friday. Right now it's 12:36 and I tried it at 12:20.

User Info: FatTony36

6 years ago#6
For those of you that don't check the Beta forums:

The Beta servers are a bit wonky at the moment. *More traffic than expected* blah blah blah. Apparently they up and crashed, not sure when they'll be back. I myself got through the tutorial and to the end of 1-1 when I lost connection. Other folks crashed earlier, or couldn't connect at all. Now we wait.

User Info: Jiryn

6 years ago#7
I just got in beta...... and its down >_>
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