Getting into Lovis's Tower

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User Info: Lovegooder

6 years ago#1
Talana keeps pestering me about finding Lord Lovis but every entrance I approach on his tower is locked. How do I get in?

User Info: LancetJades

6 years ago#2
The door at the base of his tower (near the Lake Shrine) is the Citadel Dungeon. This involves the quests "Lovis' Loot" and "Into Thin Air," and the Lovis' Scrying Stone quest item.

The door at the very top is Citadel Armory, and is where you find the scrying stone, but is still optional.

You need to find the Citadel Chambers door, somewhere around the "middle" of it. To get there, you need to climb the tower. Start fron the Citadel Shrine (at the end of that long bridge), and look for platforms to climb (they slightly glow blue). Pull a lever on a platform near each door and you can progress.
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User Info: pharos33

6 years ago#3
Yeah there's levers in front of the gates. I was stuck on this too so I decided "Ah **** it I'll just jump AROUND the gate via the bridge". That's when I discovered the levers on my way up the tower and was like...oh.
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User Info: Socrato

6 years ago#4
Or you can collect 4 parchments around broken valley, meet Ziz Zax, get the password and teleport to the top of Lovis' tower, then drop down to the middle level and enter that way.
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User Info: pharos33

6 years ago#5
^ Had no idea you could do that. I didn't even see this Zix-Zax in my game... I'm not playing with a wiki or anything so I'm sure I missed some stuff or did things differently. Its cool there's multiple options for some quests.
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User Info: Lovegooder

6 years ago#6
Wouldn't you know it, five min. after posting I found the short platforms near the Citadel shrine and began my climb. D'oh.

I met Lovis, chatted, left. I discovered the lake shrine on the way out (after a very high dive into the river). I'll go back and look for the Citadel dungeon entrance, then climb back to the top to inspect the armory. I read the scrying stone is useful.

I gave Zix-Zax four parchments and I got a reward but I can't remember if it was a password or not.

User Info: TimberWolfBobby

6 years ago#7
I just got into the Tower this morning before leaving for work, and had no problem. I crossed a bridge to a locked gate about halfway up the tower (I want to say on the south side perhaps?). I was about to go looking for another way in when I saw there was an opening to the left of the door that was a very easy jump in. From there I climbed a bunch of ladders, did a super easy puzzle with some dragons to open another gate, and then I had easy access to the Chambers and the Dungeon (I think).
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User Info: J2006

6 years ago#8
What I want to know is, how was I supposed to know the answers to the questions before you meet Lord Lovis? I had to use the wikia to answer them, that was the first (and so far only) time I had to get outside help, I'm trying to play through on my own. Maybe I didn't explore enough? Are there lore books about Lovis somewhere that I missed? Or maybe that book next to the throne was glitched? Maybe it's supposed to contain lore? So far that was the only disappointment I've experienced. Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.
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User Info: PoptartJunkie

6 years ago#9
There's a necromancer in a cave by the first shrine you find north of Broken Valley. If you're facing the shrine, the cave entrance is along that same mountain facing but all the way to your left. He has a lot of info about Lovis. He also starts the quest to get your necro creature earlier than the battle tower.
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User Info: Socrato

6 years ago#10
You're also supposed to read the history books. I knew all the answers, and I didn't divine them so I know they were in the game somewhere.
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