Tips on building a character?

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User Info: Pemptus

7 years ago#1
Just got the game. I'll probably be aiming for a melee slashy-hacky kind of fellow, but hey, I'm open minded. To those with previous experience with the game - are there any "useless" skills? Are any skills so good that they're almost mandatory?

Any and all tips on how not to gimp my character and make the most out of the game are very welcome. :)

User Info: 6redwood

7 years ago#2

One thing I've found is don't just spend your skill points everytime you level. Look ahead in the skill trees and find a greater skill for your play style choice and wait for it...only if it's not to many levels to get though. I'm level 12 and am playing more Ranger style. I'm holding out for explosive arrows later on than just get multi-arrows now. Don't see wasting points on skills I just wont use that much. Now I have heard in the forums about the ability to reset skills later on but as this is my first playthrough I really don't know if thats true.

User Info: Sqwarts

7 years ago#3
You can respec later in the game (after a certain plot point).

Skills are also limited by your level, so you can't just save 10 skill points and expect to max out explosive arrow once you get it.

As a ranger the skills are pretty straight forward: Ranger Strength, 1 point in ranger stealth, multi-shot, way of the ranger, explosive arrow, death blow.

As a melee fighter I'd focus on Rush Attack, Thousand Strikes, Life Leech, one of the combat masteries, death blow, 1-2 points in mana leech. (If you want you can make an int based melee fighter which uses weapons with magic damage and also max the skill way of the arch mage for some serious melee damage)

Wisdom and Mind Read are optional but I usually get them since lvl advantage = more damage dealt to enemies!
"The Cow isn't anywhere, it's inside my mind." -Sproutling- Legend of Mana
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User Info: shuezo

7 years ago#4
You can respect skills but not stat points. So I suggest you save and spend your stat points wisely. Skills cap about lv 5 until you reach a point in the game where you can train them up higher, I think it's max LV 15 for some skills. I can give you tips on a pure warrior build , I haven't tried ranger or mage stuff much yet.

Duel Wield Specilization(passive):
Increases your base damage when duel wielding weapons MAX ASAP

Battle Rage(buff): Increases damage by about 10% per level, max it out 2nd

Rush Attack: At least one point, helps you charge towards enemies, closes gap really fast specially good VS ranged enemies.

Life Leach: At least 1 point maybe 2 or 3 if wish

Regenerate: Put a few points here, helps keep you alive a little longer. I currently have it at LV 10 since I have tons of points to spare. Good for hit and run or evasive tactics if you get overwhelmed with too many foes.

other skills are kinda optional melee wise, I kill enemies with rush then use 2 or 3 melee hits but here's some infor for a few new things I figured out

Deathblow: LV 15 MAX

Here are optional stuff to get if you have spare points

Hundred Strikes: Optional skills MANA cost is HUGE... and long cool down.

Mana Efficiency: Optional lv 5 gives 50% mana cost reduction good for Hundred Strikes

Basically Here's my Build:
Battle Rage: LV 13
Deathblow: LV 15
Duel Wield: LV 15
Regenerate: LV 10
Rush Attack: LV 1
Hundred Strikes: LV 1
Mana Efficiency: LV 5
Whirldwind: LV 1

TIP! stats cap @ 100 and equipment counts as part of it, only get like 85 to 90 let equipment get u to 100
Str 100
Vit 100
Dex 30

Using this build I am doing 1,200 to 1,500 + (500-650) magic damage base damage before Battle Rage
With battle rage buff active I do 2500 to 3000 + (500-650) magic damage
I'm also sitting @ 90% critical chance with my new weapons....

I can pretty much 1 shot weak enemies and 2 to 3 hit kill harder ones

User Info: Pemptus

7 years ago#5
Just posting to say thanks for the advice.

That dual-wielding build seems right up my alley, and I've been reading that it's fairly fun to play as well.

User Info: 123patapon

7 years ago#6
bleed at 10 points is the best passive skill for melee, very good damage inc.
and explosive arrow is good for melee too, just pop a bow in your weapon slot whenever you've got some free mana and distance from your targets, and nuke them.
thousand strikes isn't that good, invest a moderate amount of points on it...and if you get it, then mana leech is mandatory.

User Info: Damiarch

7 years ago#7
Dont undersetimate the jump skill.Used properlly its an offensive/defensive skill.Your constanly bouncing up and down and crushing whatever...

User Info: derr_prodygy

7 years ago#8
I have a ranger character and all my skills are the archer ones and i gotta say that the multi-arrows skill at level 10 when used in the FACE of one enemy it insta-kills him or at least deals a LOT of damage in higher levels and its cooldown time is short too so you can use it all the time.
What usually do is "shoot-shoot-jump in the face of my enemy-multi arrows skill-insta kill-back flip" rinse and repeat.
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