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User Info: fighteraceflyer

5 years ago#1
Is this board that dead....for such an awesome game....what's up with this...perhaps a lot of gamers not into flight sims or the like just give up... finding it too hard to play or don;'t even bother to learn how to pilot a I can really practice my heli skills....I fly remote control I can shoot the hell out of everything!!!! wooho
Choose wisely, the easiest choice may not always be the right choice...

User Info: GRU_Commander

5 years ago#2
The game is awesome, just really lacking content in some areas. It was worth every penny for me being a avid flight sim fan and only owning a ps3. Things that could have kept this board alive would have been the ability to create custom missions. I sold it too quick myself trying to save money (i was stupid, still have IL2 thank god) and will rebuy this soon and plan on getting Birds of Prey. I really miss Colony War, Xwing style games myself. What happened?
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