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User Info: _0blivion_

7 years ago#1

empty Empty Handed
altfire_none None
altfire_NA N/A
rifle Assault Rifle
rifle_altfire Frag Grenades
rifle 22A3-1 Assault Rifle
sniper_rifle Marksman Rifle
sniper_rifle_altfire Enhanced Target Imaging
sniper_rifle AVK-36 Marksman Rifle
sniper_rifle_attributes Piercing Bullets
ammo_bag Ammo Bag
ammo_bag IAF Ammo Bag
ammo_bag_attributes Resupply Specific Ammo
ammo_satchel Ammo Satchel
ammo_satchel IAF Ammo Satchel
autogun Autogun
autogun_attributes Auto-Aim, Slow Movement
autogun S23A SynTek Autogun
chainsaw Chainsaw
chainsaw Chainsaw
chainsaw_attributes Unlimited Ammo
fire_extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
fire_extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
fire_extinguisher_attributes Extinguishes Fires
flamer Flamethrower
flamer M868 Flamer Unit
flamer_altfire Fire Extinguisher
flamer_attributes Ignites, Use with Caution
flares Combat Flares
flares SM75 Combat Flares
flares_attributes Provides Auto-Aim Bonus
flashlight Flashlight
flashlight Flashlight Attachment
flashlight_attributes Passive
grenades Grenades
grenades Hand Grenades
grenades_attributes Splash Damage
freeze_grenades Freeze Grenades
freeze_grenades Freeze Grenades
freeze_grenades_attributes Large Radius
grenade_launcher Grenade Launcher
grenade_launcher Grenade Launcher
grenade_launcher_attributes Splash Damage
night_vision Nightvision Goggles
night_vision MNV34 Nightvision Goggles
night_vision_attributes Rechargeable
medsat Medical Satchel
medsat IAF Medical Satchel
medsat_attributes Quick Deploy
healgun Medical Gun
healgun IAF Medical Gun
healgun_altfire Heal Self
healgun_attributes Mobile Healing
heal_grenade Heal Beacon
heal_grenade IAF Heal Beacon
heal_grenade_attributes Group Healing
medkit Personal Heal Kit
medkit IAF Personal Healing Kit
medkit_attributes Single Use
mines Mines
mines M478 Proximity Incendiary Mines
mines_attributes Fire Wall
laser_mines Laser Trip Mine
laser_mines ML30 Laser Trip Mine
laser_mines_attributes Wall Mountable
t75 T75
t75 T75 Explosives
t75_attributes Door Buster
damage_amp Damage Amp
damage_amp X33 Damage Amplifier
damage_amp_attributes x2 Damage Aura
hornet_barrage Hornet Barrage
hornet_barrage Hornet Barrage
hornet_barrage_attributes Homing Missile Attacks
smart_bomb Smart Bomb
smart_bomb MTD6 Smart Bomb
smart_bomb_attributes Missile Storm, Single Use
mining_laser Mining Laser
mining_laser Mining Laser
mining_laster_attributes Breaks Boulders
pdw PDW
pdw K80 Personal Defense Weapon
pdw_attributes Uses Ammo Quickly
pistol Twin Pistols
pistol M73 Twin Pistols
pistol_attributes Ammo Efficient
prifle P-Rifle
prifle_altfire Stun Grenades
prifle 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle
prifle_attributes Auto-Aim

User Info: _0blivion_

7 years ago#2
railgun Rail Rifle
railgun Precision Rail Rifle
railgun_attributes Piercing Rounds
vindicator Vindicator
vindicator_altfire Incendiary Grenades
vindicator M42 Vindicator
vindicator_attributes High Damage, Close Range
tesla_gun Tesla Cannon
tesla_gun IAF Tesla Cannon
tesla_gun_attributes Stuns, No Friendly Fire
sentry Sentry Gun Case
sentry IAF Advanced Sentry Gun
sentry_flamer Incendiary Sentry Gun Case
sentry_flamer IAF Incendiary Sentry Gun
sentry_flamer_attributes Ignites, Fast Targeting
sentry_cannon Cannon Sentry Gun Case
sentry_cannon IAF High Velocity Sentry Cannon
sentry_cannon_attributes Long-Range, Splash Damage
sentry_freeze Freeze Sentry Gun Case
sentry_freeze IAF Freeze Sentry Gun
sentry_freeze_attributes Freezes, Fast Targeting
tesla_trap Tesla Trap
tesla_trap IAF Tesla Sentry Coil
tesla_trap_attributes Stuns In Radius
stim Adrenaline
stim Adrenaline
stim_attributes Temporary Slow Motion
electrified_armor Electrified Armor
electrified_armor v45 Electric Charged Armor
electrified_armor_attributes Stops Infestation, Stuns
normal_armor Heavy Armor
normal_armor l3a Tactical Heavy Armor
normal_armor_attributes 20%% Less Damage, Passive
fist Power Fist
fist IAF Power Fist Attachment
fist_attributes x2 Melee Damage, Passive
blink Blink Pack
blink Displacement 'Blink' Pack
blink_attributes Rechargeable
jump_jet Assault Jets
jump_jet Short Range Assault Jets
jump_jet_attributes Scatter Swarm
shotgun Shotgun
shotgun Model 35 Pump-action Shotgun
shotgun_attributes High Damage, Close Range
welder Hand Welder
welder Hand Welder
welder_attributes Seals and Unseals Doors
flechette Flechette Launcher
flechette_attributes Remote Detonation
ricochet Ricochet Rifle
ricochet_attributes Bounce Shots
minigun Minigun
minigun_altfire Barrel Spin-up
minigun IAF Minigun
minigun_attributes Wide Spread, Slow Movement
bait Bait
bait Swarm Bait
bait_attributes Meat Cake

fire_bullets Fire Booster
freeze_bullets Freeze Booster
elec_bullets Shock Booster
chem_bullets Rad Booster
explo_bullets Explosive Booster
inc_speed Speed Booster
rifle_full Full Rifle Clips
autogun_full Full Autogun Clips
shotgun_full Full Shotgun Clips
vindicator_full Full Vindicator Clips
flamer_full Full Flamer Clips
pistol_full Full Pistol Clips
mining_laser_full Full Mining Laser Clips
railgun_full Full Rail Clips
chainsaw_full Full Chainsaw Fuel
pdw_full Full PDW Clips

User Info: 6x2

7 years ago#3
Err, you know you can scroll over the weapons you haven't unlocked right?
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User Info: Brass_Eye

7 years ago#4
Lol no spoilers just put your mouse over locked weapons and it shows you what it is. Plus it's alot easier to understand than this list.
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User Info: SlashmanSG

7 years ago#5
Wall of mess.
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User Info: CreepGnome

7 years ago#6
flechette Flechette Launcher
flechette_attributes Remote Detonation
ricochet Ricochet Rifle
ricochet_attributes Bounce Shots

Unreleased weapons?
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User Info: ArcticVanguard

7 years ago#7
These are the names you'd type in the console. Use them combined with some kind of spawn command to give yourself a weapon. You can do it in GMod and Half-Life 2 as well. I think I've done it in L4D a few times too.

Thanks for the useful list, mate.
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User Info: Glitch_The3rd

7 years ago#8
What exactly are these Boosters? Also do you have the code to spawn a nuclear waste barrel?
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User Info: SpottyRhyme

7 years ago#9
fire_bullets Fire Booster
freeze_bullets Freeze Booster
elec_bullets Shock Booster
chem_bullets Rad Booster
explo_bullets Explosive Booster
inc_speed Speed Booster

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