Slow down in Bridgeport.

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User Info: Smoothus

7 years ago#1

I was playing for a day or two and all of a sudden my game slowed down. Like lag. When i went to france the game ran smooth again. Coming back to Bridgeport, again with the lag. It looks like i don't have enough ram but that shouldn't be the case.

User Info: chuamishael

7 years ago#2

everybody is experiencing lags in Bridgeport. lower your graphics settings might help.

I also experiencing sims dissappear and sometimes stuck on elevator.

I often go to edit Town mode or use resetSims on my lot.

User Info: Alessar

7 years ago#3
A lot of people on the official boards are saying it's because of junk left behind by NPCs (such as abandoned cars). There's a mod people are recommending that cleans up that stuff, though I haven't tried it yet myself.

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