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User Info: kharan_zechts

6 years ago#1
Has anyone found some real use for this class? I was using one for a while was looking forward to getting Ravness in my party as she would be a unique with better stats.

However I'm finding them to be pretty lackluster. Their attacks don't do much damage. Magic doesn't do much either. Probably the best way to go is to choose light element so they can do backup healing. Conserve MP is a nice skill for when you need to put out a quick heal.

In all I feel like the class can do a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. How are you using them? do you find them effective at all? I've since dropped the class from my party.

User Info: Thanatos2k

6 years ago#2

The summary:

Rune Fencers are one of the best class in the game since they can do melee and are good with spears, can cast offensive and support spells, can heal and are fast.


Rune Fencers are one of the worst class in the game since their melee is weaker than other melee classes and they are frailer, their spells are weaker and have less choices, and there are better healers and other characters who are also fast.

Take your pick.

User Info: thinkingofwar

6 years ago#3
Probably the best way to go is to choose light element so they can do backup healing.

And haste. Don't mind the missle spell on monsters either. Do I bring them on 6 man random battles? No. Are they awesome in the story battles. Yes sir.
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User Info: illbzo1

6 years ago#4
I just got Cistina and she's pretty awesome, if a bit fragile. Light magic is definitely the way to go.

User Info: KaelAltreul

6 years ago#5
Early game I did fine them lackluster. Light magic with Boon of Swiftness and healing spells is amazing. Missile spells are good for ranged damage. Once I got Dodge 1/2 this started to really get good. Average enemies have a 55% chance to hit from behind. In front it's ~25%.
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User Info: hauntbot

6 years ago#6
I use mine as an item lobber and swiftness spammer. the conserve mp ability only costs 30 tp. with tactician they can spam a lot of hastes, and then i use items for whole party mp restoration, healing, and strengthening front row units.

I swapped ravness out of it asap. white knight is, unfortunately, a similarly support-ish class. if you really want to exploit her speed she makes a great ninja, berserker, warrior, or swordmaster imo. swordmaster in particular has better offensive options than rune fencer and better support options overall. her fast speed means more turns, which means more tp, which swordmasters really need.

in the end its all preference, but ravness is one of the fastest units in the game, something you shouldnt waste, however you decide to use her.
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User Info: MoonlightJust

6 years ago#7
Rune Fencers/Valkyries take a little time to warm up, but they are solid all around units. You can either focus them on physical aspects and have them be good support attackers/buffers, or focus on their magic and have them be good magic attackers/buffers. Either way they'll have a back up in their not-focused on abilities. The only thing that hampers them to me is their lack of an indirect attack spell on crowded maps, but its kind of a minor complaint.

User Info: gogues

6 years ago#8
I found mine to be pretty decent once a got enough passive skills and skill slots to be able to "specialize" them in whatever I needed them for.

User Info: jashinsamael

6 years ago#9
1. fencer cast instill element on ninja / warrior / archer
2. ninja / warrior / archer uses double attack
3. ????
4. profit

User Info: Vivoco

6 years ago#10
Hi Guys =D

Don't underestimate RUne Fencer or Valkyrie,

They are the only characters (Beside Patriach or Matriach)

That can use Summon Spirit magic!!! o.O


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