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User Info: dragonfirexxx

6 years ago#1
Human Law:
81-100 This Unit supports you in all things- a loyal ally to the end
61-80 This Unit often speaks on your behalf to win others to your side.
41-60 More Often than not, this unit speaks in support of your decisions.
31-40 Though not openly discontent, this unit is often at odds with your decisions.
21-30 Of late, this unit has grown more vocal in criticizing your decisions.
11-20 It is not uncommon to find this unit defying you openly in front of others.
0-10 This Unit has lost all faith in you and can scarce look you in the eyes while talking.

Human Neutral:
81-100 This unit backs your every decision.
61-80 This unit looks favorably on your decisions and shares an understanding with you.
41-60 Though not openly discontent, this unit will not speak against those who are.
31-40 This unit averts its eyes when spoken to and often refuses to reply to even simple questions.
21-30 This unit regards you with eyes cold and distant
11-20 Often you've noticed this unit staring at you with thinly veiled hatred.
0-10 This unit regards you with violence in its eyes.

Human Chaos
81-100 In the eyes of this unit, your are a worth leader who can do no wrong
61-80 This unit is prepared to put aside its own interest in service of your cause.
41-60 Though not openly discontent, this unit makes no effort to keep counsel with you.
31-40 This unit often speaks openly of its distaste for your decisions.
21-30 This unit does not open its mouth but to complain
11-20 Not only does this unit disagree with your decisions, it seems to openly revile you.
0-10 This unit regards you with violence in its eyes

81-100 This beast purrs like a kiten when you draw near.
61-80 The beast has taken to you, a loyal companion that will fight at your side.
41-60 Though still wary of your, this beast is content enough so long as it's fed.
21-40 This beast cowers at your approach
0-20 The beast crouches as though it might spring on you at any moment.
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User Info: badassmark

6 years ago#2
Good Job sir

User Info: dragonfirexxx

6 years ago#3
Lol it was in the book, hope this helps people
PSN: kevweird

User Info: sunsigil

6 years ago#4
This maybe a noob question but... How do you check loyalty?

User Info: Konkquin

6 years ago#5
To check loyalty go to a unit, and press select to go to the help menu and go to the dot that is on their name.
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User Info: CreekCo

6 years ago#6
Bonta-kun does not negotiate. Fumofuu!

User Info: michelle_moraes

6 years ago#7
Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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