How many stages are there in Hanging Garden's?

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  3. How many stages are there in Hanging Garden's?

User Info: Virtual_Erkan

6 years ago#1

I want straight answer without any useless comments:

1- How many stages are there in Hanging Gardens?

2- Is is a storyline mission of just an optional mission?

I want answers ASAP!

User Info: KillmeJames

6 years ago#2
Just ask politely and maybe I'll tell you.

User Info: Edmond Tan

Edmond Tan
6 years ago#3
1. Check SNES FAQ. It's listed there. A minimum of 4 non-storyline battles. If you add the storyline battles, it's 10 battles minimum.

2. Yes, it's storyline mandatory
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User Info: Tobias_Is_Queen

6 years ago#4
You know, when I first went to buy this game I was like "Guide? I don't need no stinking guide" (also, I'm kinda cheap) but then I started playing and I was all "Oh no!" The thing is: I like to recruit hidden characters as early as possible, but sometimes you need to do certain things in earlier chapters. Also, I couldn't to find the information I wanted about these characters, certain items, missions, etc. on the internet (at that time). So, wouldn't you know it - the next day (or was it the day after?) I went back to gamestop and was all "Hey, dude. I got Tactics Ogre like yesterday, but I didn't get the guide... so can I still get it today for 10% off?" and old dude was like "Yeah, no problem. If you've got a [whatever the **** they're calling the Edge Card now] Card you can have 20% off," so I said, "Badass!" And THAT is how I got my copy of the players guide for $16. Given that I don't even have a computer at home, it's been really worth while - 'cause I wouldn't be able to look things up at home, even if the information I was looking for could be found on the internet by now. Moving on: if I recall correctly (IIRC, BTW) from flipping through the guide, the Hanging Gardens (no apostrophe) is the last part of the story told in chapter 4... the "final battle," as it were. But, it's actually a series of battles in a row, without access to the world map in between. I thought it was like 20 battles, but the guy who posted an answer before me (also, thanks for stealing my thunder, guy) seems to think it's like 10? I dunno. But, yeah - it's for sure a part of the story. Not a side quest, and not part of any optional route. Anyways, I feel compelled to disguise the fact that I actually answered your question by writting this (these) pointless sentence(s) at the end. If you've actually read my boring story to find out the answer, I appologize (unless you're TC! He had it coming), and just know, you're completely free to skip these last few sentences (definitely plural by now), or stop reading altogether, without danger or reproach. Although, if you didn't - that's pretty much it anyways. In conclusion, I would like to adapt an Arrested Development joke to suit this situation...


Here goes...

... and THAT is why you never ask for a straight answer without any usless comments.

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User Info: stardust999

6 years ago#5
Way too many.
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User Info: Word_of_Pain

6 years ago#6
10 is not too many, and they're pretty easy battles, plus most of them are fun too
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