Fast way to level up new classes?

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User Info: EricOwnsY_basic

6 years ago#1

Well i just got into CH. 4 i woudl like to level up my divine knight , witch, and swordsman.. but man this takes forever..

I heard witch > warlock and divine knight> knight and well swordsman he can replace my crappy warrior

i usually make 3 chars sit in the back and do nothing while 3 power house charactes kill everyone..

any way to level up faster?

Also are any classes just worthless?

User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
6 years ago#2
I don't even know how you have a Divine Knight in Chapter 4.
Witch and Warlock are the same class for different genders.
Warrior does better damage than the Swordmaster.

Deploying only the classes that need leveling can quicken the process somewhat, although most of the time I found just leaving them in the back while going through story battles was sufficient.
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User Info: stardust999

6 years ago#3
I usually did my leveling in Xeod Moors. It's full of undead who die in a hit or two with Baldur weapons, and there's not many of them so battles end fast.

Doesn't make it any less tedious though.
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User Info: Mirdyn

6 years ago#4
Best way to level, while also maximizing stat growth for your characters is to pick an area which allows you to field as many units as possible and make them all the same class. Rinse and repeat until they're at 100 in all their base stats and all your generic classes are 50. For unique classes, you might want to level them solo or just field a few characters with these classes together and level them.

User Info: DropDeadFred_

6 years ago#5
Put your low level units with good units who can clear the stage. Go to Tynmouth Hill or however it's spelt. Put everyone on AI. Browse intrawebs/watch netflix while they clear the stage. Start it up again and repeat as many times as necessary.
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User Info: Slykykiske

6 years ago#6
Divine Knights will be hard to level, you can try soloing tynemouth with them and that will rack the exp in.

In a typical tynemouth battle.. all the way up to level 50 almost. Bringing a full party of the same classes will net you a level every other battle with that class. You can do that with angel knight, but having the slots for 6 generics to be angel knight and making 6 of them is generally very difficult to do.

I'd try soloing the area, make sure your angel knight has awesome gear for its level, healing items and then destroy. Might be good as well, since you'll be able to pick up tarot cards just for that unit. Tomorrow is the future.

User Info: poltt

6 years ago#7
I found that Phorampa wildwoods CH 1 maps are easiest to level in. Especially for classes that are really hard to get IE. lich and DK or unique classes like knight commander,paladin,astromancer ex.... All 4 of these maps can be beat by 2 to 3 leveled toons so feild 3 toons and your low level toon. When you beat it if your 3 leveled toons are all same level your low level should get about 600 xp per battle.

User Info: Tluhdatsi

6 years ago#8
I think the OP must've meant White Knight, rather than Divine Knight, since he just started Chapter 4 and DKs are only available post-game.
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User Info: Uryvichk

6 years ago#9
Once you have WORLD:

Jump to the part in ch4 right before you get the Lord/Princess marks, go to Phidoch, go back to Barnicia, go to Boulder Sands.

12 characters allowed, boss can be one-shotted with a good bow (and even if she can't you have an easy 2-3 turns of sniping before anything can hurt your characters anyway). Only problem is that you might lose out on one character to do the bow work when leveling classes without ranged weapons.

Going to 3L right before the Ozma battle with Hobyrim as a high-level guest can also work, but Ozma is hard to get before she runs out of range and Hobyrim won't usually target her right away even if he's an Archer. In theory that battle can allow you to level 13 people at once though (12 + Hobyrim himself).
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