Bring back GALF

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User Info: Okamiaku

7 years ago#1
Bring back GALF, that is all.
- Black Shuck - Member of Black Hounds Hunting team
I walk the Darkest of Paths, that of Eternal Death..

User Info: holyknight14

7 years ago#2
Galf was such a wuss. :P
what goes around comes around, you know who you are and what you tried to do 3/23/09

User Info: FaustWolf

7 years ago#3
Galf was awesome because his name was "Galf." That, and he had a cool stage in Ogre Battle. Was Antanjyl the only stage that actually used enemy princesses, liches and vampires?

Thinking about Ogre Battle reminds me just how awesome-looking all the character class sprites were in that game. Still my fave in the series, though I think the story could benefit from being more fleshed out in a presentation similar to that of Ogre Battle 64. Think SE will revisit March of the Black Queen before heading into new territory, if Tactics Ogre: LUCT performs well?

Since the Brunhild is in Tactics Ogre, I can see where it would kind of make sense to bring back Galf though.

User Info: EnragedSlith

7 years ago#4
While I love MotBQ, I'd rather have new games than remakes.

User Info: Okamiaku

7 years ago#5
Galf was the only character in that game that simply having him on your team made the game lock into the "Galf Ending" plus his level was awesome, his stats were great and he was one of the harder special characters to recruit since you had to be good then turn evil to get him.
I still would like his appearance in other games, like Deneb and Albeleo does.
I usualy end up making a Imp named Galf then getting them to max levels haha in the other games.

Im really looking forward to this remake and I hope they port Knight Lodis to PSP as well. Both were Great Ogre Battle games but Let us cling together was definetly the better story wise.

- Black Shuck - Member of Black Hounds Hunting team
I walk the Darkest of Paths, that of Eternal Death..

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