What was your canon?

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User Info: SazukeEX

7 years ago#1
What route did you take in the SNES/Saturn/PS1 version of the game? Who lived and who died? Did you do side quests, get elusive characters(example: Shelly), completed Hell's Gate, or ect? How did you react to certian events and what path did you ultimately lead? Did you save Kachua only to let her die to become Lord(+Shotgun)?

Basically what was your Canon in the game. Some might argue that theirs is more valid(Chaos FTW?) but this is just for fun and reminising on this classic as the PSP remake approaches. Maybe it'll get you to even replay the game or compare all the changes to the game compared to your past experiences.

User Info: DoomSlayers

7 years ago#2
Monster Hunter Tri. Name: Player X HR90

User Info: SazukeEX

7 years ago#3
Care to elaborate?

User Info: Humble_Novice

7 years ago#4
The first path I took in Tactics Ogre was the law route. However, I got turned off by some of the things Denim had to do in that particular route so I made a new game and chose the other path instead. I had some difficulty trying to save certain characters from their deaths, but it was definitely worth the trouble. In fact, the satisfaction of rescuing these people becomes sweeter when they join as welcome additions to your army.
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User Info: Seraphim

7 years ago#5
First played this game as a PSX rental and I chose the C route first. Maybe that's why I have a soft spot for Aloser. Besides, I'm a socialist at heart, so tee-hee.

I played Lawful after that. That battle against Ozma was a major pain insofar as there was an optional task to save Haborym.

Back then I didn't even know Gamefaqs existed. When I finally read some Walkthroughs, I found out about the Neutral path so I giggled gleefully, curious to find out Orias' portrait.

I played C route again a year or two after, and I finished Hell Gate twice over to get the Fireseal. Too bad by then the contest indicated in the instruction booklet had expired.

Then I played L route again, just to recruit Oxyones, the only character I had never recruited. She was a big disappointment but meh. To keep my stomach from hurling over what transpires in the story, I decided to finish the game with only generic female characters. Go team assassinesses!! lol
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