Recruiting Ozma

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User Info: ZeroXA

6 years ago#1
Does Ozma join you in all the routes?

Because I am in chaos route and I can't seem to recruit her.

User Info: opfer_gv

6 years ago#2
Law route only.
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User Info: Ryuni

6 years ago#3
Aww, it's Law rout only? :(
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User Info: alienhamster

6 years ago#4
yup. (spoilers, i guess*******)

I hated the choice I made in the beginning, but I wanted ozma so bad i had to do it.

Plus after you beat the game you can just go back and go through law route to get her with the WORLD system (If thats how it works exactly; not too sure)
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User Info: holyknight14

6 years ago#5
Might as well ask it here, I'm confused about the requirements to recruit Ozma (I'm on chapter 4 L).

In this topic, ShadowRift discusses the way to recruit her:

You need to have saved Haborym in Rime.

You should see a scene after a battle in Chapter 4 when you're going to save Morduba involving Ozma... after the battle against Shelley, go to one of the cities (ack I forget which one exactly at the moment, but it's the one where you saved Presance in Chapter 1). That'll trigger an event battler with Ozma and Volac.

Deploy Haborym, and he should get a dialogue with Ozma at the beginning. Chose the second option. Then take out Volac to end the battle; don't kill Ozma (because obviously, killing her would make recruiting her hard). After the battle, you'll get a scene where Haborym explains his past; choose the 1st option and Ozma should join you.

I'm doing this all from memory, which is slightly hazy... so while I think what I specified as the dialogue choices are correct, it's possibly they might be off.

However, this contradicts Last Cetra's FAQ which says you need to trigger the battle BEFORE you head out to fight Shelly. I've tried triggering the battle before recruiting Olivya and after and I still can't trigger it. I haven't fought Shelly yet though. Last Cetra mention's Hobrym's loyalty, does it need to be higher than what he joins the team with? I haven't used him in battle yet. Also did I need to deploy him in the battle against Balxephon and Oz for the dialogue? I didn't do that because I hadn't levelled up the Swordmaster class at all.
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User Info: alucard0080

6 years ago#6

User Info: kmp_crazn

6 years ago#7
You get a scene with Ozma and Volaq after the battle against the warlock at the volcano iirc. Then, after the battle with Shelley, the battle at Krizar should be available. Make sure you've read the "Internal conflict/strife within the Dark Knights" page in the Warren Report either at the start of Ch4 or after getting Olivya (I don't remember when it comes available, so check regularly.)
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User Info: OriginOfTime

6 years ago#8
Right now I am working on recruiting her. I used Hobyrim from the moment I got him and I really believe you need to raise his loyalty higher than what he comes with, since when I did the battle in Kryzar and made Volac retreat, I still had to kill everyone. Even after answering the questions correctly, etc.

I raised Hobyrim's loyalty higher since the first time and trying it now. I'll let you know what happens.
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User Info: opfer_gv

6 years ago#9
You have to beating Ozma below 10% HP to trigger the event - before or after beating down Vorlac in Kryzar battle.
After series of bad lucks, there is always good luck follows.
- Syuji Terayama.

User Info: holyknight14

6 years ago#10
Hobyrim's base loyalty is good enough to trigger this, don't have to use him in battle if you don't want to up until this fight.

I found this battle to be really hard because of the high level difference compared to story battles, I was only level 17 but I still managed to defeat all of the enemies somehow. I was hugely disappointed that none of them dropped any of their equipment as it was all stuff that isn't in stores. It was nice seeing the Desert Blade pop up in this fight.

Ozma's class looks really good, but its annoying when they always join at level 1.
what goes around comes around, you know who you are and what you tried to do 3/23/09

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