how long is this game

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User Info: luigi103186

6 years ago#1
like the topic says i want to buy this game but would like to know how long it is . thanks in advance

User Info: derrate

6 years ago#2
40ish-200 hours.

Depends how complete you want your file.
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User Info: luigi103186

6 years ago#3
if its really that much im getting it

User Info: velasper1

6 years ago#4
im at 117 hours atm and so much things to do yet =p

200+ hours game ftw

User Info: debonairdarklin

6 years ago#5
i spose it all depends on how far you want to dive, but, it is a very long game.
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User Info: masterjjx

6 years ago#6
Its very long indeed. It took me around 44 hours to beat the game once and its only for one ending. I can see myself investing 100 hours in this game.
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