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User Info: coineineagh

5 years ago#141
Beware: AI will use all your basic Mend Leaves, even if your cleric has a turn next. Best to upgrade them to Mend Leaf +1 first, instead of seeing them go to waste.
I also lost my Elixir, so I'm guessing my generic necromancer used it to restore a heart. A waste, since I scavenged him for skills later. Avoid sending trainees in with less than 3 hearts.
All Illumina Nectar will be used on silenced allies. AI seems to leave my other items intact, even tarot cards. But take care nonetheless. And definitely DON'T equip Field Alchemy skill!

User Info: coineineagh

5 years ago#142
I knew I forgot something really important:

If some of your training team have all skills maxed, you can set their AI to something else. Rear Guard, Caster and Healer AIs tend to wait at the back, allowing your unleveled characters more playtime with the clerics.

Best of luck all!

User Info: Molivious

5 years ago#143
ah, that explains how i gained exp on my hammer skill for my cleric., i thought i was just sleepy.
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User Info: EduGutierrez

5 years ago#145
Dont know if anyoned noticed this: Elemental Weapons can level up its corresponding Elemental Augment.
I realized this when my Matriarch attacked with an ice elemental knife, and then skill level up. I knew her Knife Skill was far away to 100, so I chariot back and look what skill was on 99.9, and it was Ice Augment.
I redo the attack and she leveled up her Ice Augment. I'll check how much it is.

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#146
Besides elemental magic, a weapon with elemental affinity can level its corresponding element considering that you equip the augment element skill. On Coin's auto leveling guide, elemental wands were the ones use to level the Augment element till it max.
"The winds of Hades, colder than a blizzard in the midst of winter!" - Soul King Brook, OP 661

User Info: EduGutierrez

5 years ago#147
¿Have you noticed CODA's icon? I has all playable characters(?)... no, wait!!!
What is Nybbas, Leonard and Lans Tartarus doing there?!?!!?! Are they playble? WTF?!?

User Info: coineineagh

5 years ago#148
Did you guys know something really obvious yet? Augment items level augments! This is huge.

Hey look there, what's that? What, no, wait! Wow, that must mean... wow!!

Let me post my comments in the General info topic, to preserve them for posterity.
That's incredible.
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