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User Info: DrakkaKorin

6 years ago#1
Store Bought: These can be bought in the store. Look under sundries then find the Recipe tab. They become available at different points in the storyline
Melee Weapons I and II
Ranged Weapons I and II
Smithing Armor I and II
Codex of Jewelry I and II
Codex of Ores
Codex of Timber
Codex of Textiles
On Medicine I and II
Storyline Battles: I don’t remember the specific battles for these, but none are route specific and you won’t need them until you actually get them most likely. They are all 100% drops you get from finishing a battle except the Fusil.
On Medicine I: Chapter 2
On Medicine II: Chapter 2
Ways of the Gerges: Chapter 2, Fight 7
Codex of Gems: Chapter 3
The Fusil: Chapter 4 Side quest to save Lindl: (Terror Knight Templar, Middle Left of map. Lindl is facing towards him at the beginning of the fight)
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User Info: DrakkaKorin

6 years ago#2
!Read me!
**When fighting the correct monster on all of these drops I spent no more that 10 minutes tops using chariot to force the drop and that was usually due to tarot cards dropping not bags. If you find yourself beating the same horse for 30-40 minutes there is a chance you have chosen a wrong target. Please relook at the information posted and compare to the mob**

Pirate Graveyard: I believe you have to complete parts of another side quest get to these deeper floors of the graveyard. See quest line pertaining to Azelstan for the details.

Hammer Echiridion: Into the Darkness- Skeleton Knight. Spawned right next to my starting locations with some annoying reddish pink kraken guys. Remember to get skeletons loot you have to exorcise them. Exorcising from different squares yield different drops. I shifted between holy water and exorcising and got it fairly quickly. The hardest part of this fight was fending off the mobs that bewitched my team.

Body Armor Echiridion: Midline Rift: Blood Gavial. These are the Red lizards. For me this was the only one that spawned on the map. Took a few reloads.

Legguard Enchiridion: Bosom of the Sea God: Looking for HOPOLITE lizard. Mine came with 2 friends, a juggernaut and another lizard whose type I forget. Spawned directly north of where the party started high up on the ledge things. Moving south he came right down at the party and was easy to farm quickly. As a side note the Juggernaut that he came with dropped “Reeking Armor” for me. I don’t know if this is common or if that armor can drop from anywhere in the world. It had the Yellowish background so I guess it’s a special type.
I'm not an achievement whore... I just like the sound it makes. d=(^.^)=b

User Info: DrakkaKorin

6 years ago#3
Shrines: Before level 33 all bosses drop both books 100% of the time. Please note that at level 33 it has been noted that the boss loot tables expand and contain different drop variations and the level 2 forbidden magic, so your results may vary. Would advise quick saving and killing the boss until you get the desired result if you wait until this time to fight them. (can drop Forbidden I and II plus both recipe books at 33+) **special thanks to Kazin1979 for help in isolating the level 33 break point** Also might want to start these no sooner than level 25 to ensure drops from the non-boss book carriers. Had a report of no drops at around level 21-22.

Lyuneram’s Shrine (Lhazan fortress/ Ice)

Cudgel Enchiridion: 4th Descent: Gorgon (Golden color) that spawns at the base of the left staircase at the bottom of the map. She happens to enjoy petrifying everyone. Enjoy…

Thrown Weapons II: Dropped by Boss
Codex of Jewelry IV: Dropped by Boss

Nestharot’s Shrine (Qadriga fortress/Lightning)

Helm Enchiridion: 4th Descent: Dropped by Female Cleric Lawful. After 3 restarts she appeared in the upper left part of the map. North West side would be best description. I’d suggest taking out things that can charm you.

The Blade: dropped by Boss
Cudgel and Whip: dropped by Boss

Vaasa’s Shrine (Gecho Fortress/Earth)

Dagger Enchiridion: 3rd Descent: Please note that this is one Descent sooner than all the other books. Dropped by the female Rogue. She was elevation 7 on my 10th load. She was just to the right of the starting position in a wall recess and was close enough to be the first victim of assault. She did not start stilled.

The Bow: dropped by Boss
Armorcraft: dropped by Boss (overlaps with Fire fortress drop)

Hahnela’s Shrine: (Ndamsa Fortress/ Air)

Sword Enchiridion: 4th Descent: Dropped by a female Knight that spawns at the very top of the map. She was there my first load and was the only Knight on the map.

The Fist: dropped by Boss
Crossbows: dropped by Boss

Greuza’s Shrine (Geyld, Water)

Shield Enchiridion: 4th Descent: Dropped by Hopolite that is next to starting position. Look for the one that is elevation 12. Jetmotoking posted a pic of the basic set up. Mine differed from his as I only had one hopolite on the map. I tried a different map set up for a while that had only one hopolite,but it did not start at elevation 12. After about an hour I gave up on getting drop from that one. Another thread stated that this Hopolite will have a 1 handed sword. I can’t remember what equip my guy had (sorry).

Axe, Spears & Hammers: dropped by Boss
The Katana: dropped by Boss

Xoshonell’s Shrine (Boed Fortress/ Fire). This is the Fire Shrine. It is also the most Interesting drop wise. I can attest that both Armorcraft and The Fist drop before level 33. It is has been seen that Jewelry III and The Shield do not drop until level 33 (presumably to do programming error)

Fusil Enchiridion: 4th Descent: Dropped by Fusiler. When map loads look at the top of the stairs to the very left of your starting position. Male gunner with a beast tamer next to him was my set up. Apparently he is the only gunner that can spawn. If you don’t see him, it’s reload time.

Armorcraft: Dropped by Boss (Under level 33). You will notice this is a duplicate drop from Vaasa’s shrine.
The Fist: Dropped by Boss (Under level 33) You will notice that this is a duplicate drop from Hanella’s shrine.
Codex of Jewelry III: Dropped by Boss (Level 33+)

Shieldcraft: Dropped by Boss (Level 33+)
I'm not an achievement whore... I just like the sound it makes. d=(^.^)=b

User Info: DrakkaKorin

6 years ago#4
Phorampa Wildwood: This information was compiled by Moriya Minakata who utilized the JPN wiki. This was posted in another thread. I added my own information on fights where the information wasn’t quite specific enough. Basically has been reported that the most likely drops start to occur around level 25, but can be obtained as low as 20. Most of the recipes are 25+ gear types so holding off until later doesn’t hurt.

Spear Enchiridion: Gunagua Headwater, dropped by rune fencer (winged folk, N, ,1-h sword or spear)

Axe Enchiridion: Whisper of Leaf and Water, dropped by beast tamer (human female, N, ELEV 8, axe or whip)

Katana Enchiridion: Lie Down in Green Pastures, dropped by ninja (human male, N, ELEV 3, katana/katana or katana/dagger or dagger/dagger). This Ninja started at the base of the trees in the crater like formation closest to the starting point for me.

2-H Katana Enchiridion: The Frostfen, dropped by sword master (human female, L, ELEV 8, 2-h katana) This one was messy because of the sheer number of enemies. I used a Knight to cut the sword master off from his friends thanks to rampart aura, Petrifogged him, and cleared out as many enemies as I could so that I would actually get a few turns close together for my guys to get the drop. To do this I shifted all my guys to the north side of the pond (didn’t split my forces)

Whip Enchiridion: Scenic Knoll, dropped by beast tamer (winged folk, N, ELEV 17, axe or whip). There is a map set up that can be confusing that spawns both an axe wielding and a whip wielding beastamer. The target in the scenario will be the one that starts in the farthest NE corner location (using top down view). Truthfully though in this scenario the Axe wielder is actually equipped with a throwing axe which doesn’t really count.

Fist Enchiridion: Heart of the Wildwood, dropped by warrior (human male, N, ELEV 5, fist, sword or dagger). Far left corner from the starting position. Was the only human warrior that spawned on the map for me.

2-H Sword Enchiridion: Land of the Supplicant, dropped by MALE terror knight (skeleton, C, ELEV 10, 2-h sword): The alignment message was as follows: In the Eyes of this unit you are a worthy leader that can do no wrong .The map that I can confirm this drop on started with 2 terror knights. One male, one female center of the map. The only way to know if it’s male of female is by the name. The map set up with only a male/female terror knight will not yield the recipe (I tried for 45 minutes at least and got nothing).

Bow Enchiridion: Wonder at the Gods Above, dropped by archer (human female, N, ELEV 20, bow). My map type spawned a male and female around the same location North of the big crater. You want the female.
I'm not an achievement whore... I just like the sound it makes. d=(^.^)=b

User Info: DrakkaKorin

6 years ago#5
Palace of the Dead:

Thrown Weapons I: Floor 10: Beast tamer, Neutral, human female , elev.15. Holding a thrown weapon. Dropped by Human Female Beastamer. Neutral align. Equipped with a Throwing weapon. Elevation 15. Directly East of start point.

Armguard Enchiridion: Floor 20: dropped by a Hoplite/lizard/Neutral, Low loyalty

Crossbow Enchiridion: Floor 22: Skeleton Archer, bottom right. Elevation 10 (Must be obtained in Non-story Battle)

Transcriptions: Floor 23: Lamia, witch, chaos, elev.13.

Secrets of the Master: Floor 100: dropped by Nybeth (Storyline battle)

San Bronsa
Musical Instruments I: Tower of Eternal Law: Floor 2: Familiar. Elevation 25

Musical Instruments II: Floating Ruins: Floor 1: Matriarch. Elevation 14
I'm not an achievement whore... I just like the sound it makes. d=(^.^)=b

User Info: HeWhoHuntsCats

6 years ago#6
This really should be a FAQ, not a board post that has to keep getting bumped/stickied/edited/recompiled.
Would ease a lot of questions asking for this kind of stuff too.

User Info: JRodslegend

6 years ago#7
I agree.
There is so much useful info all around this board.
Someone shoud compile all of it and include it in a FAQ

User Info: HuaBiao

6 years ago#8
By the balls of Jesus, no-one gives a rats-ass.- Reich-Phil.

User Info: yingchenluo

6 years ago#9
Requested sticky even though this should be a faq. Let's hope those craft book topics go away quickly.
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User Info: Xienith

6 years ago#10
Drak, thanks!! I know I said it before, but here it is again: this is extremely useful. Sticky requested. Or, even better, maybe this can be made into a FAQ.

EDIT: I noticed after that everyone said this should be a FAQ. Well I agree with them.
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