Cursed Weapon Info, all in one place! [REPOST]

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User Info: Woofrikinhaw

6 years ago#31
Equipped with the cursed weapon? Yes.
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User Info: Col_Mobius

6 years ago#32
FYI: While playing around with a Songstress to get a cursed weapon, I could only manage to get Air and Earth. Not dispositive, I guess, but worth checking out.

User Info: Woofrikinhaw

6 years ago#33
Earth is not on the songstress' list :o

You might be onto something. I'll eventually get around to doing some tests (100 different snaps for each class), but it won't be for a while.

My to-do list looks something like this:
1: Finish farming San Bronsa for essentials
2: Go back to Law and play it through, making sure Vyce and Catiua survive
3: PotD in that Ch. IV
4: CODA in its entirety
5: Get my main 10 to max stats (also doing that on the way to this point)
6: Max generics for cursed weapons.
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User Info: Col_Mobius

6 years ago#34
Yeah, the list we have is based on the JP version. It looks like these things got changed up a bunch from that.

User Info: Joonbug

6 years ago#35
I don't think it's possible to get any elements other than the predisposition ones. I've been testing with the 2-H Katana and got nothing but Earth/Air Elementals. Anyone have success on creating a 2-H Katana with another Element besides Earth/Air?

There could be a possible workaround by using cw-cheats to remove class restrictions on weapons. Thoughts?


I decided to use a knight and ended up with a Lightning Elemental weapon. I must of tried 40+ quick saves and all I have gotten was Air/Earth/Lightning/Divine/Water, but no Fire.
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User Info: AlekTrev006

6 years ago#38
Found out some excellent CW-Cheat codes that may be of great help to people trying to create Cursed Weapons (based on the earlier message here about possibly using the program to get around the Weapon Restrictions of who can hold what) !

Just google invisionfree, Tactics Ogre Forum - for the site that has the full list. It looks like a big Tactics Ogre Series fan forum, by my very brief look-over.

Here are the relevant codes:

C0 No Skill restrictions
_L 0x200767F4 0x240400FF
_L 0x200768C4 0x240400FF
_L 0x2012212C 0x241E00FF
_L 0x201224AC 0x241600FF
_L 0x201251C0 0x240A00FF
note:basically a create your own class code, especially when combined with the other 2 no restriction codes.

_C0 No Skill Level Restrictions
_L 0x20121F80 0x50000009
Ignores level restrictions for learning skills, but several won't show up until reaching the correct level though (often earlier than required level).

_C0 No Equipment Restrictions(ALT)
_L 0x2012EF38 0x57E00006
_L 0x200136F4 0x10000026

_C0 No Equipment Restrictions
_L 0x20010010 0x10000026
_L 0x20010098 0x10000004
_L 0x2012C90C 0x57E00006
_L 0x2012C940 0x50000006
Note: Ignores all level,class, and gender restrictions

_C0 No Equipment Lv Restrictions
_L 0x2012C940 0x50000006
Note: From the previous code except it still follows the gender/class restrictions.
Better than setting equipment to lv1, since enemies aren't effected.
Don't use with the code above.
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User Info: syam08

6 years ago#40
For those who want to name their cursed fusil according to it's looks, the weapon variant for floor 74 fusil is pistol type (sort of like the longgun). I need to see if floor 83's fusil is a musket type or not.
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