Cursed Weapon Info, all in one place! [REPOST]

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User Info: syam08

6 years ago#41
just checked, and nevermind of muskets since only pistol fusil variants are available as cursed weapon. I just checked 83 only to get the same pistol design, it looks nice though, the classy and creepy purple and blue design.
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User Info: AlekTrev006

6 years ago#42
Hey all - I just wanted to's possible !

The dream of a Wind-Element Cursed Fusil is indeed workable with the codes discussed briefly here and, in more detail, in Lindaluv's Alterations//Modifications thread !

I used them to allow a Beast Tamer to equip the Cursed Fusil (Beast Tamers can make one of two elements when they are snapped to weapon, one of them being Air - so I had a 50-50 chance, which is good odds, as Cursed Weapons go).....then went into a battle...and used Snapdragon....the result ?

...a Cursed Wind Fusil !

I used Ulric, my generic Rogue character, just for testing (re-loaded save after test so he was back) ....with his Base Stats in the upper-30's or mid-40's...

The result was a Crushing Wind Fusil with 7-Crushing, 7-Wind, 7-Dragon Damage for its abilities. It had a lowish attack, relative to Lindl's current Musket+1 ....but gave a +25 HP boost, +13 MP boost, and +19 to all of Lindl's stats...RES, DEX etc.... which was pretty strong.

So...the results are in - the test works - and using the codes you can, indeed, have a Cursed Wind Fusil ! Lindl lovers, rejoice ! Scattershot is gonna getcha !
Been trying to get a Cursed Light 2H sword for my Denam and I can't seem to get it. Reading the other posts regarding elements I'm almost certain it is not possible without using cwcheat and removing restrictions so another class can access 2H Swords. That said I am a little disappointed since I don't have cwcheat. The only class I've yet to try is Juggernaut, since my snapper is human and I can't name the juggernaut anyway. Booo

I wish there was a way to alter the elements and such, for instance a higher chance of element if the unit had a higher augment in it. I would willingly grind a level 8 augment into this guy if it helped. :(
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User Info: bybyr

5 years ago#44
do these enemies respawn?

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#45
Yes. If you get another copy of cursed weapon it will be sold automatically. First sold your existing copy to acquire a new one.
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User Info: Georgio411

5 years ago#46
Okay, this may sound silly but I´m confused. As said certain classes give higher chances for certain elements, but does that mean they´re not absolute ? I´d like to make DARK 1H katana and wonder if it´s possible without using cheats as ninjas have high chances for thunder and air or smthing.
Thanks in advance.
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User Info: bybyr

5 years ago#47
is there any way to add augment skills in the cursed weapons?

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#48
According to the testers, only those listed were confirmed elemental affinity per class except the vartan..

For the augment skill, thats not possible.. Imo the maximum +20 on elemental affinity will make up for it..
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User Info: MichaelXC

5 years ago#49
So the best classes for snapping if you want the fastest cursed weapon possible are ninja (22 class RT, for Air and Lightning), Rouge (23 class RT, for Water and Earth), Cleric (24 class RT, for Light), Necromancer (22 class RT, for Dark), Familiar (24 class RT, for Ice, also lightning but ninja is slightly faster) and Songstress (25 class RT, for fire)? I suppose you could just try to chariot a wizard (25 class RT, all 8 elements), which might be faster since you could just hire them.

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#50
But classes are limited to what they can equip. ie wizard: dagger, cudgel only?
"The winds of Hades, colder than a blizzard in the midst of winter!" - Soul King Brook, OP 661
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