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Why is my subdue chance 0!?

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User Info: Ocelot Rising

Ocelot Rising
5 years ago#1
I'm standing right next to it, it has about 5% HP and I'm trying from every side, and yet my recruit chance is 0%. I've been trying it on multiple turns and even tried when it was asleep. 0% every single time.

Is it because I'm using Subdue on a Warrior rather than a Beast Tamer?

PS! Should I put augment light on my healers? Does it increase healing?

Thanks a lot!

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#2
What are you trying to recruit? Subdue are for beast only, tame for dragons and recruit for human units. See general info sticky thread for complete list of recruitment process and infos..
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User Info: Ocelot Rising

Ocelot Rising
5 years ago#3
Yeah, it's a Gryphon. I managed to get it down to 1HP and now I have a lofty 3% chance.

This is getting repetitive...

User Info: almostexactly

5 years ago#4
Monsters or people you're trying to recruit have a chance to recruit based on their loyalty. If their loyalty is high, they're harder to recruit. Check their condition screen for the part that says "this unit backs your every decision" or "the beast cowers when you approach" or other descriptions like that. The more they hate you, the easier they are to recruit (yeah, that sounds odd but it's how it works).

You can also increase the recruitment percentage by raising levels in the recruitment skill (not really feasible) or equipping the race specific skill modifier (ex. Anatomy when you use Recruit).

... Also, it appears you are down to 3%. Every attempt to subdue the monster lowers your chance to recruit them. So you want to try and recruit them on the first try.

Augment Light does not appear to significantly increase healing.

User Info: ACrossCountry

5 years ago#5
not quite, if they have low loyalty as an enemy, it means it's easy to get them to join you, because they hate their team. If they have low loyalty with you, then it hates you and should be theoretically easy for an enemy unit to recruit your beast

User Info: Elyon

5 years ago#6
Is it a normal Gryphon or a golden-colored one? It's impossible to recruit the latter.
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User Info: darkflagrance

5 years ago#7
Augment light does increase about 5-10 points when you've leveled augment light to 5.

It's worth equipping augment light to allow your healers to rank it up in preparation to switch them to something that attacks with light spells or weapons. But for dedicated life-time pacifist clerics, it's probably better used on something defensive.
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User Info: Ocelot Rising

Ocelot Rising
5 years ago#8
Okay guys thanks!

I just abused Chariot a bit to recruit it. I always reset when subdue didn't work, so 3% was the highest I was ever able to get (first try). Dammnn

I have another question, I'll post it here to not clog up the board.
How do I know which skills can be used in other classes? It seems hit and miss. Like, I can use Subdue with anyone, but not Rampart Aura. Or something. Is there a way to just be able to tell what I can use with something else? Experimenting wouldn't be a problem if classmarks weren't in limited supply...

User Info: Elyon

5 years ago#9
If you want to know which skills can be used with which classes, highlight the skill, hold the Square button, and then press right. This "tabs" the skill description, so to speak.
Cyril ~ I'm glad you know your place.

User Info: nagisa_kaworu

5 years ago#10
Elyon posted...
If you want to know which skills can be used with which classes, highlight the skill, hold the Square button, and then press right. This "tabs" the skill description, so to speak.

I think you're wrong. That tab only show which class can "learn" the skill, not which calss can "use" it. There are certain classes which can use certain skills even though they cannot learn them. To know which class can use which skill, press Triangle button in the party main menu, to switch from the unit list to the class list; select the class you want to check which skills can use, and then select "skill" in the submenu. This will show all the skills you have learned, and the ones highlighted are the one that class can use. The one in grey cannot be used by that class.
The list of skills shows only the skill that at least one of your party memembers have learned.

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