Choosing a Lord Element

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User Info: Polariis

5 years ago#1
So i played this game religiously for about 6 months when it came out and loved it. Got a little burnt out on it and moved on to other things. The more i thought about it, the more nostalgic i got and wanted back in.

But i wanted to start over and enjoy the build up again, so i deleted all my save files. *Swallows Hard*

So i rolled a new Denam and obviously he will end up as Lord eventually. I like to plan things out in advance so now i need to choose an element for him and Light is out. I played him as Light Lord the first playthrough since i leveled him as Rune Fencer / Ninja.

Normally in games i lean towards Lightning / Air as my element of choice but i remember not being overly impressed with those elements in my old game. Right now i'm leaning towards Fire / Dark as viable choices and would like some input on possible builds weapon wise. I'm pretty sure i would like ....

Weapon: Spear ~or~ (2H) Katana
Magic: Fire ~or~ Dark
Augment: Fire ~or~ Dark

So what i'm really looking for is a good combo of Element / Weapon Type to start working on from beginning. I'm not locked into those Weapon / Elements either so if you had fun with a different combo let me know. I wish i would have saved at least 1 old game so i could comb through the weapons i had. Please help me.

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#2
Dark will give you the most OP setup for him given you acquire the almighty Ogre set which change Denam/Ozma to a God..
For a fire Lord:
Volcaetus or Ignis (both Fire spear) would be your final weapon(considering you didnt grind for cursed weapon) and you train him as a Rune Fencer or any fire mage..
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User Info: Polariis

5 years ago#3
Best (2H) Katanas wise, what are some of the the items i would be looking at and what elements are they?

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#4
The strongest 2H(too heavy) katana is dark elemental followed a light elemental and an ice elemental to with nice pic..
Or you can make one via cursed weapon..
"The winds of Hades, colder than a blizzard in the midst of winter!" - Soul King Brook, OP 661

User Info: Art Of Drowning

Art Of Drowning
5 years ago#5
You can also dual wield Flame Flails (hammers), which is something only the Lord can do. A bit slow though.
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User Info: Polariis

5 years ago#6
So far my man looks like this ...

Rune Fencer Lv.10
Spears Lv.2
Fire Magic
Augment Fire Lv.2
Strengthen 1
Spellcraft 1

*Might Impact*

Recruit is in there for now because i wanted a Hawkman Rune Fencer to be my mobile Healer specializing in Divine Magic. Eventually Recruit will be replaced but for now i'm going to use it to flesh out my army and to steal some good items on random encounters. Eventually i will fill out the rest with some defensive abilities.

Overall i'm surprised how much i like him as a Fire Rune Fencer and how hard his Sparksphere hits (50+) on defensive units like Knights / Warriors. I am quite annoyed though that at this part of the game every element has Instill X but for some reason Fire doesn't.

I have been a little jelly of my eventual Lich rocking Dark Magic though. Drain Heart right now is super powerful on him and hes become quite the status effect machine with Spellstrike 1.

I think eventually i will switch and try to max out (2H) Katana / Augment Dark as well so i have options to choose from but for right now i'm content with Spears / Fire.

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