Heavily considering getting this game.

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User Info: coineineagh

5 years ago#11
jascla92 posted...
I have just completed the game and started Worlding around after 116 hours of play, there's another two routes to explore, plus the Palace of the Dead, which is almost a game in itself.

I'll probably finish in about another 2-300 hours.

For the $20 I spent on it that is phenomenal play value.

Agreed. They don't make games like this anymore. The money is in impulse buys, where gamers will get bored of the game (which has limited content anyway), and be buying another within a few weeks.

They don't make 'em like this anymore, but there are devs out there who want to: The only recent game being developed that has the potential to be a good buy with lots of great content is... (I won't provide a link, in case it violates forum posting rules) Project Infinity. They're using the kickstarter method to gather financial support from fans who want such a production. I think the company won't invest directly in such a thing, because it might cost them business from repeat customers. Even if it doesn't, the market for players of old Infinity Engine D&D RPGs is not so profitable anyways. It's better for profits to design impulse-buy games instead.

If I had more money, I'd make a bigger donation too. But I'm glad to see they reached their minimum goal already, and the game is likely to have lots of extra features because of the extra donations.
Can't wait to see how this 'sequel' for Baldur's Gate will pan out. :-D
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  3. Heavily considering getting this game.

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