Name-Generics (Possible Spoiler)

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User Info: beatumdown

4 years ago#1
Beginning players are probably wondering WTH is a "Name-Generic". Well they are units that join your army that look like regular mundane "Generic" units, however they have an entry in the "Warren Report" with a little back history.

These units are not much different from other "Generics" except some have an altered "Reaction Time" stat known to most as "RT" which determines how soon a unit's next turn will arrive. (Some of these units you want in your army simply because of this fact)

Another aspect is that they cannot be "Zombified, can't become a Lich, nor transformed into a Cursed weapon" Some would claim these reasons as a weakness and lack true potential. My thing is this, if one was actually going to have them utilized as an active combatant why would any lack of these previous abilties matter. Plus why would you want a weapon named "Voltare" since you can't change the name before the "Snap" to a "Cursed" weapon? LoL

Here are a list of the "Named Generics". The lower the "RT" the sooner their turn arrives:
"Archer" Sara - (-3 "RT", Acquired at the beginning)
"Knight" Voltare - (-4 "RT", Acquired at the beginning)
"Cleric" Felicia - (-4 "RT", If Donnalto dies during his rescue at "Balmamusa in "Chapter 1, then she will be the substitute cleric that comes to the army along with Sara. and Voltare)
"Cleric" Ehlrig - (0 "RT", You must save Cerya from OZ in Chapter 3, then in Chapter 4, after rescuing Archiereus
Mreuva, read the Warren Report Talk entry "Pirates of Qadriga Fortress" to
unlock an encounter with Captain Ehlrig. Answer him "Will you aid us?" to
recruit both Cerya and Ehlrig.

In Chapter 3 Neutral, after the Tynemouth Hill battle with
Ganpp but before the battle at Port Asyton, meet with Leonar at Krysaro to
hear about some captive warriors at Qadriga Fortress. During the battle,these next
3 units will be incapacitated guest party members. Revive
them or win the battle before their countdowns run out, and any who survive
will join you after the battle, along with Hobyrim. They also have 3 ranks in augments for which you could exploit by scavenging to another unit, then World back and get these units again:
"Valkerie" Phaesta (-2 "RT", rank 3 Augment Lightning)
"Wizard" Chamos (+1 "RT", rank 3 Augment Fire, if used will be the slowest unit in the game)
"Knight" Tamuz (0 "RT", rank 3 Augment Light, there are better units to scavenge that have 4 ranks in this element so it's up to you how you want to use him)

Basically as you can see I used the 1st three and pretty much scrapped the others. Since Sara and Voltare can be acquired in any route I kept them ..... I hate seing a a unit discharged or dead on their personal enties in my "Warren Report" The rest I don't care since they are route specific. LoL
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User Info: kinddy

4 years ago#2
thanks for posting this because I didnīt know two of those characters

User Info: coineineagh

4 years ago#3
Named generics also can't use Body Swap ability.
They have all the drawbacks of uniques, plus they can't become Liches. And their reduced RT just pales in comparison to the good uniques. My opinion: If you're going to use a non-generic, you should be prepared to stick with it. These are the best uniques:
Ozma - 35
Hobyrim, Ravness - 38
Folcurt, Gildas - 40
Sherri, Olivya, Lindl - 41
Cerya, Cistina, Iuria, Jeunan, Lancelot - 42
Denam, Canopus, Ganpp, Mirdyn - 43
Arycelle - 44 (I kept her in my team out of sentimentality)

As you can see, the RT of named generics is not as great as these. I should mention that the RT bonus is minor, and barely noticeable in gameplay. But it's the only thing that can't be improved upon. Recruits have fixed RTs that never change, unlike stats, gear, skills, and all other things which can be improved.

If you use named generics, be prepared for a point in the game when they will become upstaged by a far better unit. Once this happens, the only useful action you can do with your old named generic, is scavenge its skills onto another unit. All the bonuses from level-ups and picking up cards will be for nothing. And scavenging will report their death in your Warren report, of course.

I'd advise people to steer clear of them, as it's better to just train a generic instead. If I had to start over, I'd actually recruit a bunch of humanoids, and level in the non-human classes: Hoplite, Juggernaut, Matriarch, Familiar, and maybe Divine Knight when it's accessible.

Now I already have my dream tean together, I'll be leveling a bunch of Lamia, Lizardmen, Orcs, DKs and Pumpkinheads from scratch, to be used as cursed weapons later on. I must say, it's wreaking havoc on my unit cap of 50, Silver Oberyth supply, and planning in WORLD. I actually had to dismiss units without scavenging, and have to be careful not to recruit new uniques in WORLD...

User Info: coineineagh

4 years ago#4
Disclaimer: The list I posted above can be interpreted wrong, if compared to the list of the OP. The munbers are the comparison with a generic's 50RT. So, Ozma gets -15RT, making her base 35 instead of 50. Here's a repost, to compare with the OP list:
Ozma -15
Hobyrim, Ravness -12
Folcurt, Gildas -10
Sherri, Olivya, Lindl -9
Cerya, Cistina, Iuria, Jeunan, Lancelot -8
Denam, Canopus, Ganpp, Mirdyn -7
Arycelle -6

User Info: beatumdown

4 years ago#5
@coineineagh I was waiting for your response and I got a question to your argument. LoL. Why train a regular generic if you have no PLANS TO SWAP, ZOMBIFY, LICHIFY, or SNAP the unit, unless you want to name it something. I already have a LICH, a DIVINE KNIGHT, a few UNDEAD. Everything you have stated I am done with. The only generic I actually utilize is my female "Rogue" with the "Familiar" kisses. I made her a generic because I wanted to name her "MISDEMEANOR" and to give her a "Chaotic" alignment since all the "Named Generics" are mostly "Lawful" and one "Neutral". Really who want's a "Lawful Rogue"? How does that sound? I am a law biding "Rogue" that um ..... breaks the law. LoL

Only thing I need a generic for at this point is a making "Cursed" weapon. So I hire a mundane unit from the shop. Like you said awhile back I'll name said unit something like "DEATH BLADE OF DOOM +1000" and then maybe for a few days his only purpose in combat is to grab cards and scarf down foods till its maxed at everything and BAM!! there is my covenant weapon. Then I will hire another useless generic name this unit "BLUDGEON OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS x 100" and repeat the process.

Again besides a cool name to come up with, I do not see any other reason not to use "Sara, Voltare, and Felicia" over a generic if you are not going to do any of the above. Even if it is minute, why not still utilize the "RT" those three "Named-Generics have. Where is the wasted potential, if you potentially just want a combatant? ^_^
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User Info: gemeni_ano

4 years ago#6

I got my 12 all-stats-maxed waiting for their coresponding life sucking cursed weapons.. Only ozma is left before i venture the depths of hell gate.
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User Info: hauntbot

4 years ago#7
I cant make an elaborate argument on a cellphone, but simply put named generics are a waste of time and roster space. There is nothing they can do that another unit cant do better and many things they cant do at all. The only reason to waste time on them is if ypure really anal about making a generic looking unit and want a slight rt edge- i know a few people who were fond of making sara a rogue for example. Aside from aesthetics and arbitrainess theres no actual reason to burn time fostering their stats over a true generic you can turn imto a divine knight or cursed weapon.
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User Info: coineineagh

4 years ago#8
I could've guessed this post was made to bait me, beatumdown :-D
beatumdown posted...
Again besides a cool name to come up with, I do not see any other reason not to use "Sara, Voltare, and Felicia" over a generic if you are not going to do any of the above. Even if it is minute, why not still utilize the "RT" those three "Named-Generics have. Where is the wasted potential, if you potentially just want a combatant? ^_^

Maybe I'm mistaken here, but the point is that Named Generics CAN'T do any of the above. I know the term 'Generic' is used in their description, but they in fact have more in common with uniques than generics. If your argument is that you don't plan to do any of the above, then that would mean you are fine having hordes of redundant units in your final party, sitting around with boosted stats and SP excesses. Most people will want to put the time they invested in their old units to *some* use, at least. With generics, you can decide whether you want to do something with their SP or their stats, but with Named Generics you can only utilize their SP.

Did you try to snap one of them into a cursed weapon yet? It doesn't work.
Uniques, Semi-Generics and Named generics all have Warren Report entries, barring them from all those options.

Only True Generics can:
- Become Divine Knight or be turned from undead to human.
- Be zombified & turned undead.
- Become a cursed weapon.
- Use Body Swap.

True Uniques and True Generics can:
- Become Lich.

All units can:
- Be scavenged for skills.

So, Named Generics have just 2 options: Be kept around indefinitely, or be scavenged for skills.
Not that I couldn't find a good use for them, though: I scavenged Voltare and Mirdyn already. They had 1000s of skill points, which allowed me to pick up Spellbooks, Draconic Magic, Double Attack, Fusils, Tactician, Treasure Hunt, Reflect Magic (TK skill) and others for a generic. That GENERIC with scavenged skills can then use an Ogre Blade to body swap with a Winged. Canopus and Iuria will be very happy after scavenging the skills that allow them to be fully functional Buccaneer and Shaman, respectively.
I still have Donnalto, Sara, Jeunan, Vyce, and Gildas left with a heap of SP. In the distant future, some may be used to scavenge skills onto my future novelties: Pumpkinhead Familiar, Lamia Matriarch and Divine Knight. The first 2 will need Ogre Blades again, unfortunately.

As for the glory of naming the units; it's more important for some than it is for others.
I plan to boost the stats of a bunch of Orcs, Lamia, Lizardmen, Pumpkinheads and DKs, mainly by leveling non-human classes from 1 to 50, accumulating stat boosts on the way. I don't care if most of my future cursed weapons will have names that sound like a turtle vomiting. Some of the weapons named by the designers sound pretty funky too.

User Info: Dorami

4 years ago#9
beatumdown posted...
Since Sara and Voltare can be acquired in any route I kept them ..... I hate seing a a unit discharged or dead on their personal enties in my "Warren Report" The rest I don't care since they are route specific. LoL

You can jump to then anchor point that is before you recruited them, then dismiss them. This will not affect their Warren Report entries.
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User Info: jascla92

4 years ago#10
So if you jump back to the start of the game you can dismiss those semi-generics that bloat your roster without it changing their Warren report?
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