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User Info: final_aeonalex

5 years ago#1
Hey guys. I know another one of these topics.... Well I wanted to start a new game in TO after playing my original for about 9 months on and off. I spent almost 1000 hours on this file collecting items, spells, leveling, etc and it kind of took the fun out of the game going down the PotD 3 times just to collect gear I'm too strong for (I'm a completionist). I haven't even finished the Neutral story or Coda 4 (beat Blackmoor for the first time last week after spending over a week trying to get the full Ogre set to drop).

Anyway, a new game would be refreshing but I don't want to go through this again. Leveling up stats would be strenuous enough. I looked through the saves available but there's one problem I can't get over: you can't get rid of story unique items. I want to be as legit as possible and 99 Brynhildrs would not hold to that. Would it be possible to get a save file with all items except those story unique items (or any unique items) as just 1 in stock?

Or if you know that when you obtain the story time for real that it resets it back to 1, then I wouldn't need to do this. Info would be great too. Thanks!

On an unrelated note, I had a question about Rune Fencers/Valkyries. I read on here that they're awesome but I switch Ravness back to Valk after having her as a White Knight for a while and gave her a full Lightning set (her Aug Lightning was 3+4), Spellcraft III, and her stats were pretty high but Thunderbird would still be very weak even with the spellcraft buff. What gives?

Is Strengthen really worthless at higher levels? I gave Vyce the Dark Bow set, Augment Darkness was only at 1, and Strengthen IV and he did significantly more damage than he did without Strengthen IV. I read that it only helps Rogues, classes at lower and higher levels, and magic classes.

Finally, of the three attack types (slashing, piercing and crushing), which hits which races the most? I'm guessing crushing is good against Golems? I'm not really sure at all.
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User Info: coineineagh

5 years ago#2
nobody has a clear answer about the damage types, but crushing has a clear advantage against golems and dragons.
The problem with Strengthen, is that sometimes it has no effect at all. But sometimes it does, of course.It's just disappointing that it often doesn't help to damage surdy targets.
As for ravness asValk. Perhaps your Valkyrie class is very low level, so it's trying to damage much higher level targets. If the level is low, INT is low too, as is resulting damage. That's all I can think of...

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#3
Valkyrie Ravness should eat a lot steamed mollusk or pick up a lot of INT and MND cards for her to deal WoW damage with her spam summon magic. 70 on INT stat should do it.
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User Info: beatumdown

5 years ago#4
On "Raveness" like they all said pick up those "Hermit and Magician" tarots every chance they drop with her for that "INT" increase. Do that with your "Denam" to, because once he becomes a "Lord" he will be one of your main casters. Go out of you way even to pick them up. With your "SP" purchase the next available upgrade "Spellcraft" allowed. They can get "Spellcraft I-IV" which keeps your spell damage respectable. Really this should be standard for anyone that can cast. My "Dievold" does great damage with "Drain Heart" and he can only get "Spellcraft II". He is pretty much self-sustaining in battle.
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