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User Info: ma3oony

4 years ago#1

i'm considering buying this game cause i wish t experience its epicness on the PSP, the thing is that i'm lousy on tactics games , no disgaea nor any game i could playing them in the right way.

how bout this game?
will i be able to learn and play, or it's gonna be another failed experience for me in the field of tactics/strategy RPGs ?

User Info: DivineEdge

4 years ago#2
To be honest, this game confused me the first time I picked it up. It seems tough to get at first, and while I think there is a little micromanaging going on, it doesn't get more complex as it goes on. This game is really customizable but not too complex. Someone else might have a different idea though.

Of course, I loved stuff like FFT and I never could turn down Fire Emblem.
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User Info: gogues

4 years ago#3
It has a bit of a learning curve but once you understand the system it's pretty smooth sailing. It's hard to say whether you'd be alright with that or not, I wouldn't say that it's as crazy as Disgaea but it's comparable to FFT in terms of learning curve, if you've played that.

User Info: ma3oony

4 years ago#4
nope i didnt play FFT, at least not yet cause i'm not ready for this genre, the same with dragon quest series but i started to enjoy them now !

i didnt beat disgaea tho its story is hilarious , but as far as i know it's one of the easiest tactics games, but i skipped the game after hours.

the main reason to have this game isn't cause it's well received everywhere , but also cause i like "Yasumi Matsuno" games like FFXII and vagrant story ,and i'm sure this game is one of his masterpieces tho i know i've long way to learn how to enjoy this genre.

btw , found this game for $13 as an UK collector's edition, another encouraging reason to have this jewel.

User Info: Sami1000

4 years ago#5
If you like epic story you will like this game. It has also huge amount of content for the price. If you don't use world tarot ( lets you go straight to any point of the story) then you have at least 3 replays of the game. There's also few very long side quests. If you fall in love with the game and can't get enough of it you get at least 200 hundred hours gameplay from this.

Game is sadly very challenging at first but mostly due to right skill choosing. Like every mage need spellcraft which raises magic damage and true strike which gives more accuracy for melee attackers etc. Story battles don't scale and if you have hard time then go to grind for few levels. Difficulty comes from certain optional battles at phorampa woods where you can go at every chapter except for chapter 1 and very few other ones depending which choices you make in the game.. This game is one of those titles which have way more pleasant second playthrough (gameplay wise) than first time.

I'm certainly not strategy mastermind but after figuring out the game i no longer have any difficulties with it, hell i even beat one optional battle very easily even though enemies were 4 levels higher than my units.

I suggest to give it a go because this is definitely one of the very best srpg games ever made. You can always ask help from here and learn stuff. This doesn't have very high learning curve and its just mostly learning how to use units weaknesses and strengths properly.

User Info: hauntbot

4 years ago#6
i didnt have a problem picking this game right up, but ive been playing srpgs for a long time. if you dont gel well with the genre youll probably have problems.

its a great game and im sure the community here will help you if you come to us with problems, but i wont lie and say it will be easy if you have issues with other srpgs.
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User Info: ma3oony

4 years ago#7
well, after reading all of ur opinions, putting in mind my weakness in SRPG, i'll give it a try as a chance to entering me this genre, and hopefully enjoying this master piece ...

i'll buy it tomorrow with no regrets :)

thank u all

User Info: eragonman9

4 years ago#8
Good luck.
This was my first SRPG, and I did alright. As long as you think through things, you should do fine.

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