Final Fantasy Tactics vs Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

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User Info: souldier88

4 years ago#1
Which do you think is better?

Overwhelmingly I think Luct is far better than FFT. Luct offers way more comprehensive play, replay value, and complexity. The level-matching system in Luct also makes the game more challenging, while the option to use the chariot tarot helps those who want an easier time going about it.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together >>> Final Fantasy Tactics

User Info: coineineagh

4 years ago#2
I agree.
I've seen threads like this before, and opinions are very divided. Even TO board veterans feel FFT has some better aspects than TO.
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User Info: souldier88

4 years ago#3
I wonder which ones. I've put over 200 hours towards each, and Luct is far better. More options, excellent storyline, better graphics with less blockiness, and more user-friendly features.

There was another turn-based strategy game for PSP I played, Blazing Souls: Accelate, and that game was horrible compared to both. Meaning, both FFT and Luct are at the top, but Luct is better because of it's comprehensiveness and updtaed graphics and quality game-play.

In FFT you can make things incredibly broken. Iirc, I had a Mathematician or so that had some broken combo attached to it. I can't remember exactly what it was since it's been years. The only thing I didn't like about Luct was how powerful the Ninjas and Archers were, but that problem can be remedied so quickly if you want to.

The music is far superior in Luct too, in my opinion.

User Info: coineineagh

4 years ago#4
A couple links to answer your question:
I was hoping to find some of the old TOvsFFT topics from this board, but no luck for the moment.
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User Info: jeof96

4 years ago#5
in what aspect?
Story or gameplay?
If both, I'd say they're pretty even for me.
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User Info: mang70

4 years ago#6
Sometimes people trash-talk one of the two, but they're both great!

What makes the difference for me is the job system of FFT. Each time I replay, I can make a different set-up, and they really feel different. And winning battles feels much more up to setting up abilities than having superior stats/characters. TO jobs feel pretty similar, and the abilities they give aren't always as fun to use or have. augment ice is not as neat as meatbone slash. And most of TO's abilities are worthless.

TO for PSP, though, is much better for grinding/character advancement. I never hear it compared with Disgaea, but that's a game that comes to mind when I think of TO's post-game content. It's much more subtle, but there is a lot of level, stat, ability, magic scroll, equipment, etc. grinding that keeps people playing hundreds of hours.

User Info: oldrpgmaster85

4 years ago#7
TO is by far the better remake although I would argue FFT is the superior game. Both are easily broken however. If these two had some semblance of balance they would be even better. Still, they are a couple of my favorite games of all time with FFT on top for me.

User Info: jascla92

4 years ago#8
Because (until you get Lord) it's difficult (or impossible) to stack abilities in the way you can in Final Fantasy Tactics, breaking the game in Tactics Ogre takes a bit longer. In War of the Lions you can be running a team of Dark Knights in Chapter 1, and have them wielding Knight Swords in Chapter 2.

Archers are certainly strong in TO, far more so than in FFT, and are one of the earliest classes available, but training up weaponskills in TO is similar to grinding for JP in FFT.

The shear size of TO is probably its biggest advantage over FFT. I bought this game two years ago, have been playing nothing else and have about 390 hours on the timer, and I still haven't completed Palace of the Dead, or indeed the Chaos and Law storylines. I certainly haven't built up cursed weapons, and haven't even fully farmed equipment. As games go, this is probably the best value $20 I've ever spent.
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User Info: dfbsmjh76vcdbjl

4 years ago#9
I've constantly tried to get into FF:T but I just can't.
The lack of more than five characters per battle really bugs me; which is a shame since there are many more unique classes.

I like the story in Tactics Ogre more. In FF:T Again, I can't get into it.

I think if FF:T had the camera of Tactics Ogre, the (arguably) better animation of Tactics Ogre and probably 6-8 characters per battle, I'd enjoy it a lot more.

User Info: Morvoni

4 years ago#10
I'm going to say that overall I enjoy TO better. Post clear content/longevity is a bonus to me and I don't mind grinding so TO edges FFT out.

Stories become vague to me after awhile and longevity takes over so it's an important quality for a game to keep offering me things to do beyond/outside of the story.

To each his own but that's why I like TO better.
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