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User Info: Draxxx69

7 years ago#11
that is for videos not the add on add on says 560 msp

User Info: WoIfOfLight

7 years ago#12
MY mom got the email. (I use her Email account as she's the one who pays for Xbox Live for me :p)
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User Info: singhellotaku

7 years ago#13

The thing with the LE just let you download it early all new copies come with the code

User Info: NINFanboy

7 years ago#14
Tried downloading it from, but it said it's only available for gold members. Get your **** together, MS.
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User Info: zzamaro

7 years ago#15
^ oh, that's pretty bad because i just played the game again to remember the story and I was going to connect my X360 because I tought this was free but you are saying you couldn't dl because you aren't a GOLD member and I'm just SILVER

I hate M$
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User Info: MattVans

7 years ago#16

From what i've looked up

"bought Alan Wake at launch, and proceeded to redeem the DLC token code immediately -- because, with no warning on the card, why wouldn't you? Now "The Signal" DLC is out, and you can't download your free copy, and life is terrible. Or is it?

Remedy announced via Twitter that help is on the way for those of you stumbling through a living nightmare of inaccessible post-game content. "If you've redeemed your code prior to release Microsoft will be sending out new codes to you via your email on XBL," the developer said. We're checking with Microsoft to find out exactly when those emails will go out."

User Info: Ghodea Dehel

Ghodea Dehel
7 years ago#17
to all who didnt get their mail with a new code. xbox have screwed up a bit with the distribution of new codes. not everyone entitled to a new code have recieved one (myself included).
if thats the case you need to phone xbox support and have them get you a new code. make sure you got the old code still avaliable cause they wanted to know mine.
i hope this will work out for everyone.

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