wow be afraid of games now.

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User Info: The_Luigi

7 years ago#11
Yeah there's some really obnoxious horse armor out there, hell even Mass Effect 1 had a truly abysmal dlc but there's no way I'd wanna give up stuff like Borderland's, GTA4's, Fallout 3's or RE5's dlcs just because some of you are so inclined to focus on only the worst examples of dlc and moan about it endlessly. Fine look at it as a scam if you want to, but alot of us are damned well satisfied with much of what we've been getting and it's a great way to get more mileage out of games I love but had previously fully experienced already. You know you don't have to buy it.

That's because the GTA and RE5 DLC are what back in the day were called expansion packs. You'd pay u$20 and more often than not get five hours of gameplay.

Nowadays with DLC more often than not you pay u$10 for a new armor/gun or 20 minute long level.

There's good DLC but it can be counted with both hands.

User Info: odino

7 years ago#12
DLC is become worse and worse, and I can't believe people are giving good feedback (reviews) for something they would previously expect to be IN THE GAME. Surely I am hoping for a boycott for this kind of marketing behavior. I would gladly shell out $20 for another 50% of the original game's contents but 5-10 bucks for less than an hour is just horrible.

User Info: jonsushi

7 years ago#13
There's good DLC but it can be counted with both hands.

Yup...just like how there are good games and bad.

"Expansion pack" or "DLC". For a console it's basically the same thing. It's just that some people associate one with PCs only. So when they hear the term "DLC" they suddenly freak out and whine. "Back in the day" content basically had to be released as a hard copy that was bought at a brick and mortar store. That was because it was the most practical way to obtain it. In other words, before high speed Internet was so prevalent. Not to mention that consoles have really only been using that technology in this generation. Yeah, it was available in earlier generation consoles but it was still "new" and not as many people had it.

I still find it funny that people complain about DLC but there are people who will find anything to complain about.
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User Info: jonsushi

7 years ago#14
I don't buy anything so i really don't care, but i think it's a bad trend for game designers.

Then why post this topic? Oh wait, I already covered that.

You know what's really a "bad trend"? People who don't know what they're getting into ahead of time.

I should have asked this in my first post but didn't even think about what the topic title this the first game you've ever played that features DLC?
Playing - RDR (360), Alan Wake, BFBC2(PS3), Mass Effect, DA: O
Reading - Earth Abides, Queen & Country Def. Ed. 3, Jonathan Strange

User Info: ShawBrothers

7 years ago#15
If you played The Signal you would know it doesn't even have an ending. The original game was about finding your wife and that's how it ended, The Signal moves on from that.

User Info: frozenhotdogg

7 years ago#16
The end of alan wake was the end. Really?

I've read countless plot analysis quoting others opinions of what happened at the end. So i guess i wasn't the only one wondering who Mr scratch was. Also read an article from the developers saying the signal would sum things up and that it was the true ending.

Your right though i should have known that 60 bucks for a game wouldn't buy me an ending.

User Info: shawnmck

7 years ago#17
My problem with this DLC (besides the plot), is that it doesn't really end anything, just like the normal game.

I am all for DLC that continues a story, but Alan Wake was unfinished, & this DLC just is more of the same, with an unfinished ending.
This really pisses me off even more.

The DLC of games like Fallout 3, ES IV: Oblivion, Borderlands, the upcoming DLC of Red Dead Redemption, RE5, and so on...are NOT an extension of the original game's ending like the Signal for AW is.
Those other game's DLC that I mentioned are basically extra plot & extra story, which you don't need to follow in any time-line.
Whereas the Signal is just a continuation of the ending of Alan Wake because the ending of the regular game ended in a cliff-hanger. We never got a definite ending in AW, & not surprising, the Signal doesn't have an ending either.
It is just a set-up for the next DLC that comes out....which probably won't have an ending either but will be a set-up for the next DLC that follows....and so on.

Tat's the kind of DLC that pisses me off.
It leaves me with the feeling that I should have gotten this stuff with the original game.

Even the DLC for Heavy Rain was much better than this.
But that's just my opinion.

Eventually MS is going to release a platinum hits version, or Gold edition that has all of the DLC for the same price as the original...and then I will feel real stupid for not just waiting.
This DLC is very unsatisfying.

User Info: ShawBrothers

7 years ago#18
The devs have never said The Signal would sum things up. The Signal is just a single episode which is why I say it didn't have an ending and hardly much was added to the story in the episode. They have planned episodes to expand the story and that's all it is doing is expanding the story.

There is never go to be a clear cut answer about the original games ending. Its not like they are coming out with an episode titled THIS IS HOW IT REALLY ENDS, its just how Remedy is doing the story. I'm sure future episodes will expand on certain characters and help clear some things up but its always going to be one those games that has a story filled with questions.

User Info: Barren

7 years ago#19
odino, I have trouble following your math here. Alan Wake was already a short game, maybe 8 hours at most. You'd be willing to pay 20$ for DLC that's half of that, so roughly 4 hours. That amounts to 5$ for every hour of new contents, which contradicts the last half of your sentence. Furthermore, The Signal was free for anyone who pre-ordered the game (which comes at no extra cost); if you didn't, it's 560 ms points, or about 6.99$. So if it's not a matter of DLC length vs price, what's wrong with The Signal? Are you just angry at seeing a short-lenght "product", no matter the form? If so, you might want to consider trying a MMO. It has endless contents, and the monthly fees stay the same no matter how often you play. But then again, I suppose you have a problem with that as well.

shawnmck, Fallout 3: Broken Steel did exactly the same as The Signal. It added a plotline after the ending of the original game. Does that make it bad DLC? I don't think so, and judging from what you wrote, neither do you. Extra chapters, when effort goes into them, can make for good DLC.

In case the "previously on" episode recaps didn't make it clear already, Alan Wake is supposed to be episodic. Remedy also added that Alan's story didn't end after the original game; we knew that right from the start, so by buying the game, we accepted that we wouldn't get a final, definitive ending. Alan Wake's story has plenty of loose ends. The Signal develops on some of them, all the while raising new questions. I've seen someone describe The Signal as "Alan Wake, Season 2, Episode 1", which seems fitting to me. If you want to stop paying after the first season finale (the first retail game), nothing is stopping you. If Remedy wants to add to the story, I'm all for it. So where's the problem?

User Info: The_Luigi

7 years ago#20
Why are people talking as if there's going to be a dozen DLC episodes? DLC sells significantly less than the retail game does and as far as I know an Alan Wake sequel was confirmed already. This is ignoring the fact that from what I've read there's only going to be two DLC episodes and that will be it.

I really doubt the DLC will sell enough for them to consider making more, so after The Writer they'll probably start working on AW2.
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