I just finished it 5 minutes ago. (spoilers)

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  3. I just finished it 5 minutes ago. (spoilers)

User Info: shadowzerosoma

7 years ago#1
I have to say that it was longer than what i was expecting it to be. My only complain is that the first half is like revisiting some places of the original alan wake. But the other half was new and it was actually pretty good. I have to say that it didnt really explain anything about what happened to the other characters but only that he was trapped in his own nightmares.When you fight the boss which happens to be alan wake's nightmares i thought it was pretty cool but way too easy. This was a good dlc considering it was kind of free and usually free stuff sucks. I hope the other dlc is longer and i hope you enjoyed or are about to enjoy this dlc.

User Info: WoIfOfLight

7 years ago#2
Ugh. I hate the basement. I stopped there. :/ The next DLC, you better be able to play as Alice.
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User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

7 years ago#3
^You stopped at the basement? That was fun but the second half of the DLC I thought was even better than the first. D:
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User Info: WoIfOfLight

7 years ago#4
I was getting aggravated like in Chapter 3.
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User Info: jin3438

7 years ago#5

DLC was kind of lame honestly and I loved the game, at least it was free. I'm really hoping the next DLC is better and please no more zapping words with flashlights becauseit might be the worst part of the game... for me at least.

User Info: Schauerroman

7 years ago#6
I thought this dlc was pretty lame as well. I'm glad it was free because had I paid for that I would have been mad. Most of the fight scenes in it weren't really hard, they were just irritating. Additionally the zapping words with the flashlight was annoying. Especially when half the surfaces are sloped and your items roll off to god knows where before you can snag some of them. Ultimately it didn't even really add much to the story. I know it was free and all, but I was hoping for a bit more. Oh well. Here's hoping the next one is better, especially since it won't be free.

User Info: thankeeka

7 years ago#7
I thought it a pretty good continuation, though the story isn't really evolved any. The Signal basically just says - Alan is going crazier ever moment he's in there and that's that. I didn't take anything else away - in terms of story - if there was more to that.

Destroying words to get items was boring, I'll give you that, but it fit with the world and what's happening. Plus, when he's in that basement with all those furnace hatches, I thought it extremely fun to use those as traps by destorying the words over the doors.

So besides a DLC lacking much in the continuatio of a story and a word exploding system that was sometimes used too often, I thought it a creepy, challenging, and very well done DLC. If it wasn't free, I would've stilled paid for it.

User Info: shawnmck

7 years ago#8
This crap pisses me off.
When AW first came I wanted to know if the stuff going on really happens, or if it is all in Alan's head (as some sorces were claiming). I really hate movies that pull that crap.
People assured me that it's "not in his head"....
I played the game & thought that it could very well be in his head, but the story is so vague that it was hard to really tell.
And then this crap. So, it really is all in Alan Wake's head after all.
I want my money back ! This is total bull- $#!%

User Info: Zakedestiny

7 years ago#9
The main game didn't take place in his head. All of that was happening. It's only in the Signal where he's all imagining this. He's going crazy because he's trapped in the Dark Place after the end of the game.
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User Info: shawnmck

7 years ago#10
^ Actually, there is absolutely no evidence that the main game took place anywhere other than AW's head.
Many of the same things that happen in the signal to show that its all in Alan's head also happen in the main game, it just never explains it. For example, you come across tvs all the time that show AW in a room going crazy & talking to himself....in the signal it just eludes to the fact that you are trapped in a dream-like state & need to wake up. Also in the main game, there times when the ground shakes for no apparent reason. You just attribute it to the darkness or whatever. In the signal the same thing happens & it is because you are losing yourself. In the signal, just like the original, words appear that you have to shine your light on.

Lets be honest here, there was a lot of stuff that happened in the main game that just didn't make sense. In the signal DLC a lot of that same stuff happens, but it is because it is all in Alan Wake's head.
So, if all that happens in the signal is in AW's mind, then it must be reasonable to conclude that the main game also takes place in his mind as well.
Keep in mind that the signal portrays an Alan that has been in a dark place in his mind, but that he is sinking deeper.
That can only suggest that all the events in the original also happened in his mind.

But if you want to beleive that all the ridiculous & exaggerated stuff that took place in the original really happened, then be my gust. But don't argue with me that it's not a possiblity that it was all in Alan Wake's mind either.
You are being unreasonable & stubborn.
You would have to believe that shining a light on huge solid objects like trucks, boats, trains, etc...can magically disappear....and that words appear out of thin air because the darkness manifested them.....or that everything Alan Wake writes about actually happens for real in the game....when in the signal he does the exact same thing, the AW on the tv narrates a scene, & then it happens. Just like in the regular game.

Whats even more sad is that some sources explained all this before the game even released. They said that the whole ordeal was in Alan's head all the time. While I waited for the game's release to be certain, an was assured that it is not the case, so I went ahead & got this game anyway. While playing there is never any concrete evidence to know for sure if the events are really happening, or are all just a figment in Alan Wake's imagination. But there is no proof that it wasn't either.
Then this DLC comes along & it only makes countless references to the fact that it is all in his mind, & you want to ignore this...because why?
Just look at what ridiculous things would have to occur in order to believe that they actually happened. When if you take into account all that transpires in the "Signal" DLC (that it is all in his mind), than all the ridiculous events of the main game make total sense.
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  3. I just finished it 5 minutes ago. (spoilers)

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