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User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

7 years ago#1
...Well first of all who can't look at the TV in Alan's apartment the same way anymore? And in retrospective, while the fight was awesome and unexpected isn't the idea of a psychotic demonic Plasma HD TV a little funny? XD I mean I know it's Alan Wake as he really is acting and going all insane, just I thought it was a mechanic no one likely expected from the main game to go all demonic (the television segments in the regular game I mean).
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User Info: thankeeka

7 years ago#2
I think it quite clever. It's not like the evil is a TV. I like though the progression of how TVs were used in the last game to how they're used in that one. Thing were always a little freaky and strange in the game, so to see the DLC explore it through increasing crazy situations worked for me while playing The Signal.

User Info: gamefreak666

7 years ago#3
It isn't actually a TV though, it's Alan's subconscious way of representing the dark side of his mind, while the player controls the light side of Alan trying to purify his thoughts. You have to wonder, Zane had been stuck in the Dark Place for 30 to 40 years, he might be a teensy bit nutso himself. Also, you can tell that the dark side of Alan's mind still has remnants of being controlled by the Dark, as it uses the Taken and Poltergeist objects as a way of eliminating the light side of his mind and Alan has to use the light against them like a logical mind would. It's Alan's mind, but he isn't in control now, which is why he has no control over what is happening in his own head. Could the Dark prescence still be controlling him? If not, how is he still in the Dark Place, The Dark prescence is strongest where it is chained, in the dark place. But Alan just destroyed the main body, not the entire thing, which means it as the chance to reform, or seep into whoever is in it's lair, and use them like it used Jagger.

Zane: "This is not the light, but what it represents."
"This is not a gun but a tool in a logical process of elimination."

Me:"I LIKE this logic!"
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User Info: meboy

7 years ago#4
I think those early quotes when Zane gifts you the items is possibly The Signal's best contribution to Alan Wake.
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  3. *SPOILERS* The TV...

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