I've Yet To Receive My Signal Code...

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User Info: Vegeta Rockz

Vegeta Rockz
7 years ago#1
GG Remedy. I'm glad I supported your business endeavour.

User Info: Geohound_Ryudo

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ReckHavoc

7 years ago#3

Because for some dumb reaseon people have been entering the codes early... I cannot begin to understand why someone would do this, did you think you'd get it earlier or something?

And this would be Microsoft's fault.. not Remedy.

User Info: Geohound_Ryudo

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Geohound_Ryudo

7 years ago#5
ARGH. My mouse/keyboard have a mind of their own, today.

I didn't want to post last time...

If that's the case, be glad you're getting the code at all. I don't think Remedy planned for people to do something like that. It's nice of them to still give it to you.

I just waited...
The answer to your question: 42

User Info: Nev

7 years ago#6
Why would someone redeem the code that came with the game?

The redemption instructions with the LE said NOTHING about the DLC release date. Owners could reasonably expect to be able to access it on purchase - there is a precedent for this, like the DLC maps for Gears 2, the bonus areas for AC2 etc.

The devs then did interviews saying that redeeming the code would give a dev diary/sneak peak video - they did not say it would invalidate the code.

Even when it transpired that Remedy/MS would have to supply replacement codes, it is quite reasonable to expect that they would do so in a timely manner, not two or three days after release.

If you did NOT redeem the code prior to release, you were either disinterested or overly paranoid about spoilers? I'd say that is more significant grounds for criticism than someone who did redeem it.

User Info: redeater

7 years ago#7
I agree with nevi.
You smug idiots asking why people redeemed their code early are clearly braindead.
This is the fault of Remedy not the people who redeem it early.
When a developer tells you that if you will enter your code early and you will get a behind the scenes video and a code to be emailed to you at a later date.......HOW IS THIS ANYTHING BUT THE DEVELOPERS FAULT?

User Info: DukeNukeThem

7 years ago#8

Lol, nice one calling people braindead when you were the one who redeemed your code early.

Not all of us are nerdy enough to listen to developer interviews to learn some of this code entry crap.

User Info: NocturnusTigris

7 years ago#9
I got my code yesterday, the problem is...
I have since forgot that I had a free code and signed up for it, thus actually paid for this DLC!
I'm so pissed right now... I guess, I'll give it away to a friend.

User Info: WingZero0782

7 years ago#10
I too agree with Nevi, where exactly on the cardboard that the code was printed on did it say not to use the code yet?

A lot of games that come with dlc in the case work from day one (ME 2, DAO: Origins, AC2, RDR, etc), meaning you input the code and get to dl the content.

Just ignore Dukenukem, he's nothing but a troll.
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