Is there a set difficulty or can you change it?

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  3. Is there a set difficulty or can you change it?

User Info: Greatplainsmonk

7 years ago#1
Just wondering. I just can't get past the church basement and the last save I have for the regular game is on nightmare, so I'm wondering if I'm playing the DLC on that difficulty or if you can or cannot change it.

User Info: ChobinatorII

7 years ago#2
I believe my last playthrough was on Nightmare as well and I felt like the DLC played as if it were on normal mode. In the basement, I found it not too hard if I ran around that first corner and took a sharp right to trigger the first wave of guys. Then I backed up towards the entrance stairs, lighting up the blast furnaces as I went (those things killed EVERYTHING!). Then I walked out and towards the left to trigger a second set of guys. I still had a ton of furnaces left and repeated that. I think that was it. I only had to fire a few shots total.

Hope you can get through it!
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User Info: Barren

7 years ago#3
My last save was on Nightmare as well, but when I started up the DLC from the episodes menu, it prompted me to choose a difficulty setting again.

User Info: dratsablive

7 years ago#4
Finished my first playthrough on main game, on Hard. When I started the DLC, I wasn't prompted for a difficulty level. So I assumed it started on Hard.
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User Info: pc-ps360

7 years ago#5

guys nooooooooo u dont get prompted at least i did not. i finish alan wake on nightmare and when i downloaded the dlc, to play it go to chapter select and choose ur difficulty normal hard or nightmare and u will find an extra chapter called signal in each difficulty

User Info: zpoope

7 years ago#6
It defaults to normal unless you go through episode select.
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User Info: Byshop

7 years ago#7

Mine did not prompt but it definately felt like Normal. Faster, weaker enemies took one shot instead of two like they did on my Hard playthrough.


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  3. Is there a set difficulty or can you change it?

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