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User Info: Martin100

7 years ago#1
So here I was, wanting to download The Signal with the code that came with my LE of Alan Wake. However, when I went to the Marketplace, I accidentally downloaded it with my MS points. I know, I know...FAIL.

So my question is: will this code work with the second DLC as well, or is it exclusively for the first?
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User Info: Gainsborough

7 years ago#2
Oh dear.


I dont know if the code works with the 2nd DLC, but I doubt it. I may be wrong, though.
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User Info: Ghodea Dehel

Ghodea Dehel
7 years ago#3
i really dont see why it would work for the second. the code is intended for the first one so no luck there. however you can make the best of the situation and try to sell your code or even giving it to a friend or something.

User Info: captpluto99

7 years ago#4
When you enter the code, it clearly states that it's for The Signal. Sorry, you should try to sell the code on ebay.
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