Sign here if you've gotten the Run-on sentence achievement...

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User Info: Spyderxb

7 years ago#1
And please tell the rest of us losers how you did it... I'm thoroughly agitated.
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User Info: Am4zingL4rry

7 years ago#2
I did it awhile ago, I guess the biggest components to success here would be setting the game to normal and just memorizing spawns and taking your time. Save the flares for the endboss, he's actually quite deadly so it's important you cheese him to death as if you were going for the time achievement. Other than that use sound tactics like fleeing into narrow spaces from which they can only approach you from one side and in limited numbers and try to run past the ones you can run past like in that area where you jump off the stairs and over the fence and you can exploit ladder invincibility when exiting the basement.
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User Info: UberFrog

7 years ago#3
To be perfectly honest when I first went through the achievements I thought that one was Nightmare only difficulty.. And after playing through on Normal I was already agitated at the achievement. I tried a good four times before I looked again..
As for help, on Normal I was so used to running past tough spots I only really had trouble near the end when you ride the crane. Those three guys always seemed to kill me or knock me off, so I decided six flare gun shots saved was plenty and used the seventh I had on them.
The last boss almost killed me a couple times as well, but I had so much gear from running past most things that it really didn't matter..
Any part you're having an especially difficult time on? :3

User Info: xthewingmanx

7 years ago#4
I've only tried for it once and haven't gotten it yet, but I can see my problem area being the area with all the street lights and the infinite spawning enemies. I think that was the only place I died. Oh, I also died in the area with the monster trucks, but I was going for the License Revoked achievement, so I don't think I'll have any problems with that when I'm in the car. I didn't seem seem to have any problems with the 3 enemies after the crane ride, maybe I just got lucky? It seemed to me that there are a lot less safe haven lights in this episode. I'll probably have to play through it one more time to figure out which areas are the best to run through.

User Info: xthewingmanx

7 years ago#5
Almost had it! It took me a while to get past the area where the "Boom!" and "fireworks" words are. After about 3 deaths there, I finally made it through. I had 8 flare gun rounds and used 2 of them to get through the street light area cuz it scares me. And of course I get killed by the monster trucks. I was really frustrated but I decided to play through the rest of it to see if I would have any more problems and I didn't really. I'm gonna go for this again tomorrow.

User Info: biohazard07

7 years ago#6
just beat it without dying and my system magically freezes up at ending cutscene is that bull or what get to try again tommorow figures
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User Info: xthewingmanx

7 years ago#7
I just did it, too! First run yesterday.

There are a couple other threads about problems with the game freezing when getting this achievements. In order to avoid this, they have suggested turning off notifications. I did not do this and still got it. I believe the main problem is skipping the last cut scene. Just to be safe, after destroying the boat, don't run up to the TV. Just let the ending dialogue play out and then watch the entire ending cinematic. I also let the ending song play completely. It's only a couple of minutes. As soon as the screen fades, the achievement should pop up as the credits start rolling. Hope this helps.

Also, if anyone is still having trouble with this achievement, list your problem areas and I believe I can help. I've played this episode enough that when I finally did my run-on sentence run, I didn't even come close to dying. You just have to know when to "flash and dash" and when to be patient and slow.

User Info: biohazard07

7 years ago#8
just got it 2day and game didnt magically freeze up yay
xbox live gt BioHaZArd 1989

User Info: gamecube101

7 years ago#9
Just run through on normal, it's a bit more challenging than the main game, but not impossibly so. I did my first run through just to beat it, and my second for collectibles and extra acheivements (liscense revoked, words will never harm you.) Both on hard by the way, so when I finally set it on normal and went for a no death run, it was cake. Play it a couple of times to get a feel of where enemies spawn, when to prepare for an attack, when to conserve/use your ammo, etc. Once you get the feel of the game and put it on normal, it isn't too bad.

User Info: MAK0S

7 years ago#10
Did it on my 2nd attempt. I restarted because I wanted to try to get some "tools" that I missed. It wasn't too hard I only went grey twice and popped a flare each time. For the boss I had 6 flare gun rounds and 2 flashbangs so I destroyed the boss so fast I got the achievement for that too. Dropped down, flare+flashbang, move forward flare+flashbang, 3 flareshots later boat is gone and im done.
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  3. Sign here if you've gotten the Run-on sentence achievement...

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